Perfect Gift for Wine Lovers

Hey there, wine lover! Ready to learn about our new product, the best t-shirt about wine?

We (the team at KUKUVAYA) have been working tirelessly to develop a shirt that speaks to the heart of every wine-lover out there.

We've created an organic t-shirt made with eco water based inks and manufactured in an ethical way. The design features a minimal aesthetic, with the quote "Wine: Useful drink, tasty medicine, pleasant food" by Plutarch - Wisdom that we totally agree with. A quote that will be appreciated by every wine lover.

Wine is a beverage that has been around for thousands of years. Wine has long been appreciated not just as a drink, but also as a tasty medicine and pleasant food (according to Plutarch).

It is the perfect t-shirt for wine lovers

Today, good wines are highly appreciated and many people participate in wine tastings and visit wineries.

At the same time, the wine industry is growing rapidly and there are more and more people who are interested in learning more about fine wines. We thought it was time for a T-shirt line about wine, designed to appeal to these people!

T-shirt for wine enthusiasts

Just as wine is meant to be consumed and shared, we want this beautiful wine shirt to be accessible to everyone.

That's why we're keeping the price low—only 26 Euro's (use code WINE and get 10% off!!!).

This shirt is perfect for every wine lover, especially for people who attend wine tastings or visit vineyards, members of wine clubs and bartenders, who want to wear something stylish while they're pouring your favorite red wine.

If you're looking for a present that's different from the usual, then you'll love what you see here. Also, if you want to save yourself hours of searching online and in-store for a wine related gift, then we've found what you want for you!

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