5 Greek Hoodies From Our New Collection

Greek hoodies that are unique gifts and souvenirs.

Selected Greek Hoodies Inspired By Greece

You are in the right place to find unique Greek Hoodies.

Hoodies are more than essential parts of urban clothing!

Besides being comfortable and versatile hoodies can be "winter's t-shirts" that show your thoughts and personality while keeping you warm!

We introduce a new collection of cool minimal hoodies inspired by Greece.

All hoodies are unisex, high quality, eco friendly, made in a fair way, available in 5 colors and sizes from XS to XXL.

Without further ado check these examples below:

1. Greek Hoodie Inspired By Philosophy

Philosophy Hoodie

This hoodie depicts a "golden ratio" pattern supported by Plato's quote about harmony. Plato's quote "You cannot harmonize that which disagrees" is an original quote not a wrong attribution.

Find more info's about this Greek philosophy inspired hoodie.

2. Greek Hoodie Inspired By Geography

Athens Hoodie

This hoodie has the GPS (DMS) Coordinates of Athens. In other words it is the perfect souvenir that points directly to Athens.

Buy this "Athens" hoodie here.

3. Hoodie Inspired By Greek Folklore

Greek hoodie

A hoodie depicting the famous "Evil Eye", a famous Greek superstition as old as Greece.

Explore more information and colors of this evil eye hoodie here.

4. A Hoodie Inspired By Greek Language

Technology geek hoodie for nerds

This Technology Hoodie depicts the word of Greek origin "Technology".

Did you know that there are estimates that over 150.000 english words are of Greek origin?

Check this perfect hoodie for tech geeks here!

5. Hoodie Inspired By Greek Mythology

Chaos hoodie

This hoodie has Chaos written in Greek.

Chaos is the void preceding the creation of the universe according to Greek myths.

Find more about this Chaos hoodie here.

There Are More Greek Hoodies To Check Out

Feel free to explore the full collection of Greek themed hoodies.

The collection will be constantly updated with new ideas and designs.

Do you have any suggestion? Contact us with your ideas and thoughts!

Hoodies from Greece


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