How To Place Greek Art In A Modern Home

aristotle bust and nike of samothrace statue in modern decoration

 Ancient Greek statues replicas are more than a standard souvenir.

Can you use statues designed 2,500 years ago in a modern interior? Is Greek statues home decor a good idea? Can art from Greece be contemporary?

In our opinion, you should choose carefully the right ancient Greek interior design elements and decorative objects inspired by antiquity while keeping in mind the standards of modern aesthetics. The art of ancient Greece is fabulous but there is a twist.

Let us explain:

The classic Greek statues have a timeless value. However, they have often been used in a wrong way, so they were understood as elements of exaggeration, display of wealth or even kitsch. This is not always the case, since you can find art from Greece that shows the beauty, grandeur and harmony of antiquity combined with contemporary design elements. This way the sculptures can be part of a modern decoration.

Hygeia head ancient greek statue in modern interior design

Ancient Greek statues acquire a contemporary aesthetic - Greek statues home decor and ancient Greek interior design today

What would you say if we told you that themes from ancient Greek art (~5thc. BC) can still be fresh and alive?

The brand Sophia Enjoy Thinking managed to regenerate the Greek aesthetics by establishing worldwide the concept of “new Greek chic” and creating new Greek decoration ideas.

The brand's creations are based on classic ancient Greek statues and busts of monumental artistic value and have modern colors. After all, ancient Greek statues were not white. Most Sophia Enjoy Thinking statuettes come with quotes that inspire, engraved on their base (e.g. "I know one thing that I know nothing" - Socrates)

The combination of these elements (statue, color and quote) make each object a new composition of contemporary design that can be used as modern Greek statues decor.

The material used for these busts and statues is “ceremine”, a mixture of earthy and marble powders, which imitates the ancient Greek recipe and honors the ancient sculptors and their methods. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Greek goddess of health hygeia head in various colors by sophia enjoy thinking

How to place these colored Greek statues in your space

The basics: become clear about space, colors and light, sorting out everything you like and do not like. Then, add some very authentic items, that are important for you, be it on biographical grounds or because they express or inspire you.

A non-professional decorator can rely on the “60-30-10” rule of thumb. You use 60% of one color (for example on the walls), 30% of another color (on bulky furniture for example) and 10% of a color in various decorative elements such as these statues. Obviously an experienced decorator does not need such empirical rules and can do wonders with brightly colored decorative elements.

black Nike of Samothrace statue in modern living room decoration idea

Generally, do not be afraid of contrast, especially in these times where the "blue mood" tends to become part of our lives. Choose a color that gives you a boost or calms you - it’s up to you!

In addition to the color of each statuette, think about the quote on its base. Does it fit your personality? Does it inspire you? Could it be the motto of your life or your personality?

At the same time the statue itself (and who or what it depicts) is of great value:

If you are in medical field, for example, choose a head of Hygeia (the goddess of Health and Hygiene) or a bust of Hippocrates (the father of western medicine).

If you are fascinated by philosophy, prefer the bust of a philosopher like Plato or Aristotle or even a colored owl.

If you are an entrepreneur, choose the bust of Alexander the Great - after all, he was a man who managed to conquer the whole known world at his time, guided by the quote at the base of his bust: “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”.

The options are many. Let your imagination, your style and your talent show the way.

Greek philosopher bust in various colors by sophia enjoy thinking in modern home decor

Ancient Greek Aesthetic Is Timeless And Can Be Contemporary

Western art and architecture would be much different without the inspiration and fundamentals of Greek temples, monuments, statues and thinking. You can see references to this aesthetic in every place in the world.

Include such elements in your place and get inspired by the continuum of western art and history.

The timelessness of the themes of Ancient Greek art and philosophy makes these statuettes a valuable decorative item for every type of space. After all, these statues could be found both in everyday houses and in majestic temples dedicated to the Gods of Olympus in Ancient Greece.

Interiors have to last the time over. So, they must express the time we live in, but also express us: our biography, our thoughts, our self-image and our past.

Browse the full collection here.

Greek design cushions interior decoration

For more decoration ideas check this blog post about Greek busts and Statues.

Also check this dedicated article about gifts inspired by Greek statues and art in general.

Greek statues in modern style in contermporary interior design - pin

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