What Do You Buy A Female Archaeologist? Archaeology Gift Ideas [2021]

Female archaeologist in the field - gifts for female archaeologist

Unique items inspired by Greek history and archaeology findings that are more than common souvenirs.

Cool Gifts For Women In Archaeology

Your girlfriend loves archaeology, maybe she is an archaeologist herself or an archaeology student and you are looking for a archaeology related gift for her? Are you searching for out of the box gifts for an archaeology student or maybe a graduation gift for archaeologist?

Then, you should consider a few things.

What you should NOT buy an Archaeologist

Gifts for the field are not a good idea because professional gear, clothing and equipment are items you can not buy without special knowledge. After all a professional has first and foremost the necessary tools.

You would not buy a stethoscope, if your friend was a doctor, would you? If she did not have one yet and needed one right now it would probably be something special, a brand you never heard of.

So, avoid buying “field gifts” and specialized archaeology equipment. Chances are that you are going to buy the wrong item.

Searching online for „archaeology gifts“ we found the following remark by an archaeologist: „Don’t buy trowel-related gifts. It's a cliche and any archaeologist who needs a trowel already has one". The quote is self explanatory.

There is one exception:

you know a specific need or wish your archaeologist girlfriend has, for example a specific type of equipment she can not afford or something not easy to find (e.g. a rare book).

But in that case you would not search for archaeologist gifts online, would you?

What should you buy an archaeologist?

If you are looking for a unique gift for the excavator in your life, focus on something unknown to her that is based on the themes an archaeologist is interested in, something with meaning that will inspire and express her identity.

In our experience a combination of themes of the past with contemporary uses and aesthetics would be the ideal present.

Our brick and mortar store is located in Katakolon, Greece, the port of ancient Olympia, so we have a lot of customers interested in archaeology. The ancient Olympia field is a heaven for archaeologists and they are always impressed by the uniqueness of our gifts collection.

We always suggest objects inspired by ancient Greek art found in archaeological excavations in Greece that are reinterpreted by modern Greek designers becoming chic, inspirational and useful items of today. (And to brag a bit, we are proud to be the number 1 shop in the tripadvisor list for shopping in Katakolon (Olympia)).

Here is a list we compiled about the best gifts for archaeology lovers, while having in mind the feedback from real customers, to help you get our point (prices ranging from 25 - 65 euros ~ 30 - 80 USD):

1) A leather draw string backpack with Geometric period pattern

Geometric period leather backpack gift for archaeologist

A genuine Cretan leather backpack with geometric period pattern silkscreen printed. Handmade in Athens by Zacharias studio.

The roots of classical Greek art lie in Geometric period (about 3000 years ago). It is the time Homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey and the illustration in this backpack depicts chariots from the Iliad.

Originally Geometric art was found in ceramic vases in various excavations. The patterns are characterized by depictions of human forms among others in a stylized geometric form.

2) The Ultimate Archaeology T-Shirt, a Modern Archaeology Gift

Archaeology T-shirt worn by a cool woman archaeologist

Cool T-Shirts are one of the best ways to express yourself. We consider Tees being the modern day canvas that demonstrate believes and values of a person.

They also make a great and easy gift.

This T-Shirt is modern, minimal, unisex and made of 100% organic cotton and 100% water based ECO Inks.

It is made in a fair trade way, with respect to the planet and human labor (farmers and workers).

Five colors are available.

Find more info's here.

3) Cotton stole depicting a Cycladic idol (Bronze age)

Cycladic Idol in a woman scarf - female archaeologist

This is a ~5000 years old design depicted as it would be part of a modern graffiti in an urban wall. It shows a cycladic Idol smoking.

Cycladic culture was a Bronze Age culture in the Aegean Sea in Greece. This culture had an enormous impact in the history of art and many contemporary artists like Pablo Picasso, Constantin Brâncusi, and Amedeo Modigliani got influenced by its minimalist aesthetics.

Excavations in the Cycladic islands in the Aegean sea are continuously bringing new amazing artifacts in the light of sun and they can be admired in various museums, one of the best being the “Museum of cycladic art” in Athens, Greece.

4) The owl of Athens - contemporary version

Greek handmade owl figurine, coral color modern statue


A decorative object depicting an Athenian Owl in coral color. It shows exactly the continuum of culture, an object made 2600 years ago that can find its place in a modern apartment.

Based on an owl figurine found in excavations in Athens, it is handmade in a way replicating the ancient Greek method.

The owl itself has a great symbolism. It was the symbol of goddess Athena who gave her name to Athens in Greece and it is a worldwide symbol of wisdom. We got inspired by the owl’s symbolism and named our store “kukuvaya”, the owl in Greek.


5) Leather journal depicting the famous Diadumenos and Aphrodite statues

Diadumenos statue in a letaher journal

A handmade leather journal. One side show "Diadumenos" and the other "Aphrodite de Milo". Both are depictions of two famous statues that show the ancient Greek ideals of beauty.

Check out the full collection with more Greek art leather journals.

6) Nike of Samothrace - The winged victory goddess

Nike of Samothrace statue replica in modern Pine color


One of the most famous Hellenistic sculptures, Nike (the Greek goddess of victory) found in the island of Samothrace. It was excavated in 1863, still a mystery with many theories about the sculptor and the exact date it was created. Currently it is prominently displayed at the Louvre museum in Paris.

The original is about 2,5 meters high (~8ft) and is one of the most famous sculptures in history.

cool gifts for female archaeologists pin

If you want more inspiration feel free to check our Greek philosophy T shirts to get more ideas. It will give you a good overview, although of course it would be best if you could visit us in the store so we can meet in person!

Also check out a selection of Greek gifts for her made by the most prominent young Greek creators.

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