Greek Gifts For Her

Are you looking for that perfect Greek gift for her?

There are many reasons why you want to buy her such Greek gifts.

Here you will find selected Greek gifts that are sure to please any woman who comes from Greece or loves Greece and its culture.

We constantly look far and wide to find only the best Greek designers gifts for women.

Whether you're looking for a nice Greek gift for her birthday, Christmas, graduation, or just because, chances are we have something that she'll love!

Handmade, limited production, ethically made, you can buy a gift now with confidence.

Without further ado, here is what you buy a Greek lady:

1. A Cork and Leather Modular Bag

handmade Greek designers bag gift for her

This bag is handmade by architect Maria Mavroudi, creator and head designer of the ReDO brand.

It can be transformed from a backpack to a tote or shoulder bag.

It is durable, can be cleaned and has an exterior pocket and a zipper one inside.

Made out of cork and fine leather it is lightweight and will accompany a woman every hour of the day.

Just watch the video and you will understand why it is the perfect Greek gift for her:

This is an extremely limited product, made only when the architect has time in between her other projects.

Read more about this bag here.

2. Greek Olive Oil Soap For Face and Body Is Always a Great Gift For Her

Greek olive oil soap perfect Greek gift for her

Handmade by Marika Kritseli in ancient Olympia, these Greek soaps are ideal for her face and body.

Made with pure ingredients such as activated carbon - lava, donkey's milk or Greek sea salt, all with extra virgin olive oil.

These soaps smell like Greek heaven and they will make her smile!

Check out the collection and read more about each type of soap.

They are definitely a great Greek gift for her.

3. Greek Chaos Oversized T-Shirt or Shirt Dress for Her

gray Oversized t-shirt dress

Made with respect to the planet and human labor. 100% organic oversized t-shirt printed with 100% Eco inks.

Every modern woman has some chaos in her life, good or bad.

Always remember: Greeks thought that from Chaos started everything - Earth, Abyss and Love. That is what is printed on this shirt.

Easy sizing (three sizes to choose from) and available in three colors.

Get the extra information you want about this Greek oversized t-shirt gift for her here.

4. Greek Art Leather Tote

Greek leather shopping bag

Two sides of this tote with two silkscreen printed depictions of the male and female ideals of Greek beauty:

Diadumenos, the young winner of a sports event and Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.

It is made under the Acropolis in Athens with goat leather (a byproduct from Cretan goats) that is naturally tanned.

Handmade by artists Zacharias Petrakis and Alejandro Hernandez, a unique and artistic Greek gift for her.

Keep reading about this leather tote here.

5. Modern Evil Eye Shopping Bag

Greek gift fore her - an organic evil eye tote shopping bag

Every Greek lover is familiar with the symbolism of the evil eye. It mainly protects you from a bad luck curse according to Greek tradition that dates back to antiquity.

Many gifts exists depicting this symbol, mainly ordinary kitschy souvenirs.

This is a contemporary black and white depiction of the symbol. It is a unique in house made design and she will love such a gift, especially if she promotes environmental awareness.

Ecologically printed on organic cutting waste coming from black t-shirts.

Get this limited organic evil eye tote bag here.

6. A Modern Greek Goddess Figurine Gift for Her

You can get a Greek goddess figurine.

Nike (the winged goddess of victory), Hygeia (the goddess of health), Artemis (the goddess of nature, wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, chastity and childbirth) or Aphrodite (the eternal goddess of beauty).

All statues are in modern colors, representing the continuum of Greek art through the centuries.

Made by designer Alexandra, these figurines are really a great gift for every woman loving unique Greek decorative items.

Browse the whole collection of Greek decoration objects and find the ideal gift for the woman in your life.

Greek gifts for her - a few more words

The Greeks have a way of living that is both deeply rooted in tradition and also so very modern.

If you're looking for a gift that embodies this spirit, look no further than our Greek gifts for her!

Whether your loved one is from Greece or just loves the country and its culture, we've got plenty of options to choose from. We did the searching and quality check for you to find items that are more than regular Greek souvenirs.

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