NARA BLACK - Cork fabric and Leather tote and backpack


Buy a unique "Redo" Cork Fabric Handbag - Backpack And Tote (2 in 1):

  • Handmade bag made of cork fabric and vachetta leather
  • Exterior leather pocket and an interior zip pocket
  • Closes securely with dura dots
  • Has cotton lining
  • You could use it as a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag depending on how you pull the ropes
  • Handmade by Architect Maria Mavroudi, head designer and founder of ReDO brand

A stylish bag that can be used as a backpack, handbag, or tote according to your needs or the occasion.

If you are multitasking, have a lot on your plate, have a busy everyday life, or just want to treat yourself this lightweight handbag is ideal for you.

One bag for every hour of the day whether it is work, yoga class, shopping, you name it, you will find a use.

It has a well-thought function and is designed and handmade by Maria Mavroudi - Architect, head designer, and founder of ReDO brand.  

MATERIALS: Cork fabric and fine Italian Leather


  • Cork is natural, organic, and sustainable

  • Cork is soft, light, durable, fire resistant, and waterproof

  • By pulling the grey mountaineering cord this tote bag can easily be transformed into a backpack or handbag and vice versa

  • Has an interior zipper pocket and an exterior one

  • Established as a best seller

  • NARA is both fashionable & functional

  • Handmade at reDO_lab in Aighion, Greece.


How to clean cork fabric bags

Cork is water-resistant. Use a soft wash cloth and water. If needed use a drop of moisture-free dish detergent.

Pro tip: baby wipes will do the job as well! Don't forget to let it air dry and you are ready to go!

How durable are cork fabric bags

Cork bags are more durable and have easy maintenance compared to other materials.
You will see that your bag will still look stunning after a long time of use. Cork fabric behaves as leather and will get softer with time.
MEASUREMENTS: Length: 48cm Height: 37cm Width: 10cm Slight irregularities and variations are part of each bag's individuality (more colors available, check our collection)

Slight irregularities and variations are part of each bag's individuality

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