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Some thoughts

  • Greek statues painted?

    Ancient sculptures were not white, but colorful. The colors have simply faded during  the centuries. If sculptures with traces of paint were found, they were said to have been painted later by barbarians or that they were a relic from an earlier more primitive stage. Ideologies and politics


    Nostalgia. Another Greek universal word. We use it today for any feeling of longing for something we experienced. This is not necessarily the same as homesickness. The topic occupied the Greeks again and again in their long history. From Homer to the modern Greek diaspora it is a common theme in many Greek art creations.
  • Gifts for Greek friends!

    These gifts for your Greece loving friends are not the usual ones. Fresh and contemporary, they show the work of modern Greek creators! Gifts full of meaning, inspiration and Greek soul.
  • Katakolon, Greece

    Katakolon, a beautiful and original Greek fishing village. Picturesque, small, easy to navigate, with great restaurants, shops and cafe-bars, it is a totally worth visiting. You will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Greek quotes to feel better

    A selection of short Greek quotes about life that motivate us and give us strength every time we need it! Greek philosophers did a great job giving us their knowledge about life, obstacles, healthy living etc. Short read, check it out!
  • This is why you should use bar soap for hand washing, personal care and hygiene

    7 Facts about soap that will make you smarter about hand washing and hygiene.

    Is soap really sufficient for disinfection? Does it kill bacteria and viruses? Is it better to use antibacterial soap? Soap or disinfection with hand sanitizers? Soap bars or liquid soaps? Is foam important? What is the best natural soap?

  • 10 quotes on education by great Greek Philosophers and teachers

    There were great teachers in Ancient Greece. They had various thoughts about education but they all agreed that education was to create good citizens. It was believed that education leads to honesty and virtue, that it does not only affect the mind but the whole person. We focused on a short description about their thoughts on educational gaming and also provide 10 quotes of wisdom on education that concentrate the insights that emerged from Greek philosophy about this subject.

  • Everything about Cork Fabric and how to care for a cork purse

    We gathered in a short blog article everything you need to know about the amazing Cork fabric.

    What is cork made of? How to clean cork fabric? Is cork fabric durable?

    Short and informative, read about cork fabric, cork trees, how the cork fabric is being harvested and some answers to Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

  • Aesthetics - Art - Design (Perception and reception)

    Perception and reception. It's always about the basic question: what is beauty? Some thoughts from Homer to Bauhaus and back to Aristotle.

  • A 2500 year old Pandemic and the goddess of hygiene "Hygeia"

    What was the role of the goddess of hygiene and health Hygeia (Hygieia) in the 5th century BC pandemic that hit Athens, known as "the Attic plague"? The "father of historiography" Thucydides (around 450-400BC) wrote about it. The details sound familiar!