Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Greek-Style

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to express love and affection, and what better way to do it than with a one-of-a-kind and meaningful gift from Greece?

In this post, we'll look at some of the greatest Greek presents for your significant other on Valentine's Day, all made by contemporary Greek brands and designers.

These gifts are of grate value, especially if your partner is of Greek origin.

Without further ado, check the following suggestions!

Redo Nara - the Best Selling 2 in 1 Handbag

Convertible handbag for valentine's day

Handmade by a Greek architect this unique bag can change shape. Become a backpack, a shoulder bag or a tote bag, according to your needs.

Made from best quality cork and leather, this bag is our best seller.

Get your valentine a handbag that will accompany her everywhere since it is matching every style.

Virgin Olive Oil Soap, Beauty And Hygiene

Greek Olive oil soap gift for Valentine's day

This is the real deal: pure natural ingredients, unique natural aroma from Greek nature. Large soaps with a rope (about 160 grams each, or 5.6 oz) for a healthy and glowing skin and natural hygiene.No animal testing.

Get one or more, make any combination and your valentine will be amazed!

Shawl With Greek Art And Symbols

Greek shawl gift

A Shawl depicting Greek art themes in a modern way.

Inspired by graffiti art and comics, these shawls show famous Greek statues as if they were modern Greeks.

The objects have smartphones or wear piercings etc. In the above pictured example, the famous golden ratio spiral is depicted. 100% cotton and silkscreen printing.

Choose a Greek shawl for your valentine from our accessories collection here!

Handmade Keychains from Greece, With Meaning and Soul

Greek keyrings

These key-rings are a great idea, especially if you buy 2, one for each valentine!

Find symbols of Greece like the famous "evil eye" or the "pomegranate" to bring good luck.

Also, find symbols of Greek nature and everyday life.

Read the details in this dedicated blog article about our Greek keyrings and find the perfect gift for your significant other.

Greek Cookbook For Romantic Dinners

Greek cookbook My Greek Taverna

A famous Greek traditional proverb states "Love starts from the stomach!".

There is no better idea for a valentine present than a Greek cookbook.

Choose between 4 options: Traditional Greek cuisine, starters (or meze), vegan recipes and sweets.

It is the perfect idea for endless hours of fun for you two and excellent dinner parties.

Read our dedicated blog article about these Greek cookbooks.

Or browse our collection of Greek books and get your valentine the perfect gift.

Greek Art Earrings

Greek earrings - golden ratio

These earrings come in 3 colors.

They depict the golden ratio, the magical number "φ". An ancient Greek mathematical concept, the golden ratio (or golden rule) is the absolute symbol of aesthetics.

Find these earrings here, and make your valentine happy with a beautiful gift.

Greek Leather Coin Purse, Handmade

Greek Cretan coin purse gift for valentine's day

A small coin purse, handmade under the acropolis from Cretan goat leather. It is silkscreen printed.

These coin purses depict various Greek art objects.

A practical and beautiful item for your valentine, you can get it here!

Black Evil Eye Tote

Recycled Tote Modern Evil Eye from Greece

The evil eye symbol dates back to ancient Greece. It is a symbol of protection against negative energy. Usually, you will find it in blue color.

In this recycled cotton tote bag, a modern depiction of the classic theme can be seen.

Get this practical gift to improve your valentines everyday life her!

There Are More Great Gifts From Greece For Your Valentine!

The above suggestions only show the spirit of our products: Modern takes of classical Greek themes.

Browse our collections to get more inspiration.

Order your product today, since we ship from Greece and get your order on time for valentines day!

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