10 Gifts Inspired by Famous Greek Statues and Artifacts

Greek statues are an important part of art history and have inspired western art for centuries.

Besides Greek statues, Greek art in general, architecture, fresco's, paintings also mythology, and philosophy are considered cornerstones of what we call the modern western world and their influence can be found in modern artifacts and gifts.

From ancient Rome, through the renaissance to masters like Rodin or Picasso, Greek statues and Greek art inspired generations of artists that shaped modern aesthetics.

Gifts inspired by Greek art celebrate the heritage and continuum of Greece through the centuries

Modern buildings, paintings, music, theater, fashion, and even everyday objects or gifts would be different without the influence of Greek statues and art.

Contemporary Greek designers also get inspiration from the masters of the past and show that over 2500 years of aesthetics are still relevant today.

Greek statue depictions can be found in various modern objects that celebrate the continuum of western aesthetics.

Such objects and artifacts are great gifts for classicists, mythology or archaeology lovers, and even mathematicians or Greece lovers. Also, don't miss to read our special blog post about gifts for Greek philosophy lovers

Greek art gifts for every occasion

These gifts are ideal for every occasion: Christmas, graduation, anniversary, birthday to name a few, are all great occasions to gift something with Greek meaning and soul.

Here are some examples of modern gifts inspired by Greek statues and art you can buy online:

A small leather portfolio depicting the owl of Athena (Glaucus)

The owl of goddess Athena, called Glaucus is a universal symbol of wisdom.

Check here this fine goat leather portfolio, that is handmade under the Acropolis in Athens.

A Statuette of Glaucus, based on an original ancient figurine

Since we are talking owls, this figurine is a replica of small owl statues found in excavations in Athens. It has a modern "Olive Green" color, inspired by the olive tree - the gift goddess Athena gave to citizens of Athens.

It has the Socrates quote "Wisdom begins in wonder" curved in its base.

Find this owl statue here.

A shawl depicting a famous statue as a modern Greek

This shawl features the famous Charioteer statue silkscreen printed. Th charioteer is one of the most famous bronze Greek statues. In this modern interpretation, the young man holds a smartphone, as any other modern teenager would do.

A combination of graffiti, comic and classical art, this design can be found here.

A leather portfolio inspired by Greek architecture and the concept of the golden ratio

This large "Greek temple" portfolio, depicts a composition of the classical Greek temple architecture and geometrical lines and patterns, following the concept of the mathematical golden ratio.

Read more details about the unique portfolio here.

And if you are a golden spiral geek, definitely check the dedicated article about golden spiral gift ideas.

A medium sized envelope portfolio, based on a Meidias vase painting

Meidias famous vase painting of the abduction of the daughters of Leucippus is depicted in this medium sized envelopre portfolio.

Check out the details of the myth and find more information about this beautiful handbag here.

A Minoan Octopus coin purse, as found on a Cretan vase

Cretan vase depiction of an octopus on a leather coin purse. It is a 5000 year old design of an octopus, a sacred creature according to the Minoan culture that flourished during the bronze age in Crete.

Small, beautiful and practical, this Greek art coin purse can be found here.

The famous Santorini swallows on a shawl

The akrotiri fresco in Santorini is a great example of Minoan art. Approx 5000 years ago, the Island of Santorini was a beautiful place. They made beautiful art and lived without knowing that the world famous Santorini super volcano was about to erupt...

This shawl depicts two swallows as found on a Santorini fresco that seem to celebrate spring.

A Geometrical period of Greek art leather notebook

Geometrical period drawing of a chariot from the Iliad is depicted in this goat leather notebook.

Geometric period was a very important phase of ancient Greek art.

Get this leather notebook and give a smile to your classicist friend.

Would cute Antinous have his eyebrows pierced?

Antinous was a beauty. Emperor Adrian is believed to have fallen in love with him.

In this shawl, he is depicted as a modern youth, having is eyebrows and ears pierced. A 2000 year old statue, looks suddenly so contemporary and familiar.

Find this shawl here and see an original Antinous bust for comparison.

 An ancient bust for modern decoration

A bust of the most influential Greek of all times - The philosopher and polymath Aristotle.

This bust is in black color, in total contrast to the typical Greek white marble statues. After all this bust was made in a modern world, approx. 2500 years after the original. The beauty is still timeless.

Greek art is certainly timeless

If you want to celebrate your Greek heritage, or are a Greek art lover consider gifting modern Greek artifacts.

You can find more in our collection and don't hesitate to contact us for any question or suggestion.


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