Our story

KUKUVAYA is a concept store with Greek soul and international spirit.

It is located in Katakolon, the port of ancient Olympia in Greece.

We support contemporary Greek creators, designers and artists.

During the pandemic we launched the e-shop you are currently visiting.

Souvenir store in Katakolon

    Many people traveling to Greece don't prefer the usual souvenirs, so we created "Kukuvaya", a store dedicated on finding unique products and ideas while supporting the best contemporary Greek designers and creators.

    Kukuvaya is the owl in Greek, the owl of Goddess Athena, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition.

      2016: Our story started, when we realized how many cool Greek brands, designers and independent creators exist.

      We wanted to support them and gather their work under one roof in a dedicated concept store in Katakolon, Greece.

        "We strongly believe that there is an intrinsic value in supporting independent creators and small businesses, especially during these tough times."

        Kukuvaya souvenir store architects plans and logo

        2017: With passion and help from 4k architects and illustrator Nina Weber, we made Kukuvaya the beautiful place it is.

        The store was an immediate success! The majority of our customers are travelers from all over the world visiting the area on a cruise.

        2020: We believe that consumers should have access to the best Greek brands and designers no matter where they live.

        Kukuvaya Greek souvenir eshop

          This is why we created Kukuvaya e-shop during the Covid crisis.

            2022: The world seems crazy: pandemic, war, climate change, financial crisis...

            We continue our journey and operate our brick and mortar in parallel with our e-shop.

            "We work hard to make our business a sustainable one, with respect to the planet and human labor, while giving value and joy to our customers and collaborators."

              Souvenir store personal Our vision is to help our customers find unique and out of the box gifts from Greek designers, artists and independent creators while giving travelers the best experience possible.

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