6 Unique Gifts for the Golden Spiral Lover in Your Life

The golden ratio gifts suggestions you are about to see, come straight from the source of the concept.

The Golden ratio concept was originally explored in ancient Greece.

Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras or Euclid observed its frequent appearance and unique properties in geometry.

From ancient Greece to the modern world, many great mathematicians have continued to study this simple ratio and the number φ=1.618033988749…

Its occurrence in various scientific, philosophical, architectural, and artistic fields, gave this number a “metaphysical” status.

The following golden ratio gifts are based on or inspired by this “magical” number.

The Golden Spiral Notebook

Golden ratio gift

This leather notebook depicts a Greek temple and an artistic illustration of its golden ratio analogies and is part of our ancient Greece inspired notebooks.

Made from goat leather, it is silkscreen printed with high quality inks.

Get more information about this golden ratio gift here.

The same design is applied in a unique leather clutch that also fits a small laptop:

Golden ratio leather portfolio

Check this Greek architecture portfolio here.

The Golden Spiral - Fibonacci curve Hoodie or T-shirt

Golden ratio hoodie and fibonacci t-shirt

This high quality hoodie comes in 5 colors. Also the same design is applied on a 100% organic cotton T-shirt (also in 5 colors).

Made from best materials and printed with Eco water based inks, they are printed in EU and manufactured with respect to the planet and human labor (fair wages).

Under the golden ratio spiral pattern, an original (not a fake one) quote by philosopher Plato is written:

"You can not harmonize that which disagrees".

Check more details about the hoodie here, and find the t-shirt here.

The Golden Spiral Earrings

Golden Spiral Earrings

The simplicity and elegance of the Golden ratio can be found in these earrings.

Available in 3 colors (turquoise, fuchsia, coral) these golden ratio earrings are made from liquid glass (like resin) and have 925 silver hooks and silicon clips.

They are light and not fragile.

Buy them now (limited quantities) from this link.

The Golden Spiral - Fibonacci Shawl

Golden ratio shawl

100% Cotton and silkscreen printed, this shawl makes a great gift for the golden spiral lover in your life.

It is made in Athens, in compliance to fair trade agreements and comes in 2 colors (Salmon Pink and Indigo Blue)

You can find more information and purchase this golden ratio shawl from this link.

These Golden Spiral Gifts Are Inspiring

The above mentioned gifts are best sellers in our Brick and Mortar Store in Katakolon Greece.

We always get the best feedback from our customers that visit the area to explore the ruins of Ancient Olympia and want to purchase a special Greek gift for their loved one.

Now you can get them from our e-shop - we ship worldwide!


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