3 Plus 1 Greek Cookbooks That Will Help You Prepare A Greek Feast

We are 100% sure, that the "My Greek..." collection of Greek cookbooks consists of the only Greek recipe books you will ever need. The best Greek cookbooks that are more than a Greek souvenir.

Traditional, original, healthy, tasty, and easy to make dishes from all over Greece, collected with love and presented in a contemporary way!

All the dishes you tasted one night in a Greek taverna, or - if you are of Greek origin - your "yiayia" used to make.

The "My Greek..." series of cookbooks is the brainchild of Ioanna Pavlaki:

Ioanna Pavlaki is the creator of the My Greek Taverna cookbook series

Ioanna was born in Athens and her family roots come from the island of Lesvos, where she spent all her summers.

Besides being a successful marketing professional in the publishing industry she is a creator and developer of brilliant ideas.

Her passion for turning small ideas into reality combined with her love for the sea, food and traveling gave birth to the successful cookbook series "MY GREEK..."

Ioanna found the most established collaborators and created 4 cookbooks (3 about Greek food and 1 for Greek sweets).

The outcome was a major success!

She and her team created 4 best seller Greek cookbooks that are:

  • Simple to read and follow
  • Contain 65 easy to prepare recipes (per book)
  • Combine ingredients that are easy to find everywhere in the world
  • Have great pictures and high quality printing
  • Present traditional recipes in a way that modern cooks of any level will understand

Without further ado, here are the only Greek cookbooks you will ever need:

1. My Greek Meze - The Best Greek Appetizers Cookbook

It all starts with "Meze": small dishes often served as starters in a menu but more commonly used as the main dish.
Greek meze or Greek appetizers cookbook

Meze starters or Mezedes literally mean "bites" and are small portions of delicious appetizers offered as an accompaniment to (alcoholic) drinks.

We are talking about such "little" dishes:

greek appetizers or greek meze dishes

You can build a full meze table as a main meal or use them as appetizers. The first option is a common one in Greece and is a unique way to socialize with friends.

This book was made in collaboration with Eleni Psychouli:

Eleni Psichouli with greek appetizers and ouzo

Eleni Psychouli is a legend: the coolest food journalist, TV presenter, writer, and "meze specialist" in Greece.

Her love for these special Greek starters comes from Volos, the town she was born and arguably the "meze" capital of Greece.

Meze and Tsipouro (a strong Greek alcoholic drink) is an important ritual and part of everyday life in Volos where you can find numerous restaurants offering a variety of such delicacies on their menu.

Greek octopus recipe from inside the greek meze appetizers cookbook

The "meze" eating ritual is simple:

Invite friends, place a variety of small dishes on a table, get some alcohol (whatever your taste suggests) and start eating and drinking.

Everybody is allowed to taste every dish on the table: Greeks share their food and in our opinion, such a dinner or lunch party is something you will always remember if you ever attend or organize such an event.

Good to know: There are no rules in combinations. You can have meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, or salads all at once on the table.

Different dishes with different flavors, all magically combined by the strong flavor of ouzo or retsina wine (both having strong and distinguishing aromas)  but also beer or tsipouro.

greek appetizers from greek meze cookbook

In "My Greek Meze" cookbook you will find everything about meze: From seafood like octopus to meatballs (keftedes), saganaki (fried cheese), kolokythokeftedes (Zucchini balls), salads, stuffed peppers etc.

Get your copy of the Greek Meze Cookbook here.

2. My Greek Taverna - Traditional Recipes You Will Find In Every Greek Taverna

This is the cornerstone of the "My Greek..." cookbooks collection, as it has ALL the traditional Greek main dishes and authentic Greek recipes you will find in every taverna and Greek home.

It is all you need for a traditional Greek dinner or lunch menu.

greek taverna traditional greek recipes cookbook

In this Greek cookbook, Ioanna Pavlaki collaborated with Makis Georgiades.

Makis was born in Athens and raised in a family with a strong culinary heritage, since his grandpa was a well-known chef in Alexandria, Egypt.

He has collaborated with some of Greece's greatest chefs, and his recipes have appeared in many food mags and other media.

He's published many cookbooks and has a thriving catering business.

mousaka recipe from inside greek taverna traditional cookbook Greek cuisine is more than the famous "Mousaka".

You will find various traditional Greek dishes from starters like "tzatziki" and "tiropita":

tzatziki or tsatsiki and tiropita greek traditional dishes

To roasted lamb and salads:

Greek roasted lamb and greek salad variation

The book also contains Vegan & Gluten Free Options and is an established bestseller! All the best Greek dishes ever!

Besides Greek meat dishes you will find many vegan options in this book.

Grab your copy of the My Greek Taverna Cookbook here!

3. My Greek Vegan - Best Vegetarian Recipes From Greece In One Cookbook

Greek vegan recipes book cover

Greek cuisine offers MANY vegan dishes. A Greek motto states that Greeks ate vegan dishes before it was cool.

So, if you are vegan or thinking of becoming one for various reasons, Greek cuisine has MANY options.

Our personal favorite is "Gemista" - stuffed vegetables, mainly tomatoes, and green peppers.

Again simplicity and pure flavors are combined in a unique way.

gemista stuffed vegetables greek recipe from cookbook

In this Greek vegan recipes cookbook you will find many options, from starters like "kolokithokeftedes" (Greek Fried Zucchini - Courgette Balls) and "ladenia" (a specialty Greek flatbread):

Greek Fried Zucchini - Courgette Balls or kolokithokeftedes and greek ladenia Greek vegan dishes

You will also get the recipes from delicious vegan main dishes, like "vegan mushroom magiritsa" (a Greek soup made originally from lamb offal) or the all time summertime classic "fasolakia" (Greek beans stewed in olive oil, tomato, onions, and herbs).

greek green beans or fasolakia with tomatoe sauce and mushroom dish from vegan greek cookbook

This book is written by Ioanna Pavlaki and Eva Monochari.

Eva was born in Viotia's Orchomenos.

She began cooking before starting elementary school, and her favorite childhood hobby was reading cookbooks.

Eva went on to become a teacher, but she never stopped cooking.
She is one of the most well-known Greek food bloggers.

She has had her own section in the luxury cuisine journal Olive since 2017.

Eva is particularly fond of traditional cuisine from every Greek region.

Find this unique Greek vegan cookbook here.

4. My Greek Sweets - Sweets To Close A Greek Feast

A traditional Greek meal is never complete without a tasty dessert.

Greek cuisine has a variety of sweet delights to sample, ranging from festive biscuits to syrup-laced pastries and more.

Greek sweets recipes book cover

My Greek Sweets cookbook was made in collaboration with Ioanna Stamoulou.

Ioanna Stamoulou, born in Athens investigates, writes, and makes recipes as a food journalist, mother, cook, and admirer of the art of confectionery.
From 2007 to 2017, Ioanna was the editorial director of Olive Magazine in Greece. 

A sweet person herself, she is an expert in everything about Greek traditional sweets recipes and desserts.

Ioanna Pavlaki and Ioanna Stamoulou creators of the Greek sweets recipes cookbook

In this book, you will find easy to make sweets, that every Greek grows up with.

Examples are the Chocolate Biscuit "Log" or "Mosaiko", the famous Kourabiedes and Melomakarona, or loukoumades and sokolatopita.

greek traditional sweet mosaiko from greek sweets cookbook

And of course, you will find the famous "kataifi" recipe!

Greek kataifi and Sokolatopita Greek chocolate cake from greek recipe book

Get your copy of this wonderful Greek sweets and deserts cookbook here.

You Should Really Start Cooking Greek Dishes

Here is a viral video where Gordon Ramsay declares Greek food better than... Italian.

The famous chef speaks his mind and Italian celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo is shocked in this informal debate that made us smile:

So, you heard it from the man himself:

Greek food is healthy, delicious, and easy to make and you should really get the right cookbooks and start preparing dishes that will spark memories from your vacations in the beautiful islands of Greece.

A perfect Greek gift full of taste, aroma, meaning, and Greek soul for you and your loved ones.

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