Modern Greek Souvenirs You Can Buy Online

Greek Souvenirs Online Shopping

Have you heard about the modern Greek souvenirs scene? Souvenirs that are cool, not kitschy at all and are made by talented designers and modern Greek brands?

We are talking about a new scene of Greek creators that is dedicated to modern novelty souvenirs and gifts: Souvenirs inspired by Greek history, philosophy and everyday life that are contemporary and fresh.

We selected a few examples that cost under 50 Euros to help you get the point.

Without further ado here is a short list of quality and modern Greek souvenirs:

The Owl of Athena Statuette

Owl from Athens statue
The owl is a symbol of Athens and goddess Athena.
It is a universal symbol of wisdom, intelligence, bright sight, strategy and more.
This specific statue has olive green color for a reason: Goddess Athena gave to Athenians and olive tree as a gift, and they named after her their city: Athens.
Handmade and unique. Material: Ceramine.


The Way To Athens Pouch / Pencil Case / WalletGreek souvenir wallte pouch

Inspired by Greek road signs this pouch is a perfect and modern souvenir since it literally shows the way to the product's origin.

After all souvenirs are objects that keep the memory alive and help you remember great experiences.

This Eco Pouch can be a wallet, a make pouch, a pencil case and more.

And it will help you keep organized while pointing to Athens...

A premium handmade olive oil soap

Premium soap

These handmade premium olive oil soaps are made from EXTRA virgin olive oil (not just pure olive oil). They are made according to the strictest EU regulations.

They are made in ancient Olympia, from Marika Botanicals, all by hand.

You will find soaps with donkey milk, activated carbon, Assyrtiko wine from Santorini, pine tar or Greek sea salt, all premium materials and the best from Greece.

Definitely check these soaps, especially during this period were hygiene and excessive hand washing is needed.

The Evil Eye Keychain - Protecting From The "Evil Eye"

According to Greek folklore, the "Evil Eye" is a "stare curse" that someone can give you via his eyes. This symbol is supposed to protect you from the "evil eye" and brings good luck!

This keychain is handmade in Sparta. Silkscreen printing on plexiglass with the use of custom machinery.

Check also our dedicated blog article about Greek keychains to get more inspiration!

The Chaos Tote - The Perfect Greek Souvenir

Chaos Greek souvenir tote bag canvas eco responsible

Did you know that Chaos is a Greek word?

In Greek mythology Chaos was the first thing to exist in our cosmos.

From chaos came earth, love and abyss and from there the world as we know.

This tote bag can help you organize a chaotic shopping spree!

Ancient Greek Art On A Leather Portfolio

Painter Meidias was  one of the most famous Greek painters. He mainly painted on pottery.

This handmade leather portfolio depicts a scene from a vase painting titled: "Castor and Pollux, abduct the daughters of Leucippus from a sanctuary of Aphrodite".

You can also find more gifts inspired by Greek statues and Greek art in this blog article.

A Brilliant Greek Cookbook

Greek cookbook with traditional recipes

"My Greek Taverna" sets the table with all the exquisite Greek delicacies and highlights the virtues of sharing and serving that are so vital to any Greek dinner.

This book is ideal for every chef of every level. The recipes are described in a modern way and make the tradition contemporary.

Mezedes, salads, pies, stews, shellfish, classic Greek meals, and, of course, traditional desserts are on the menu: 65 traditional Greek recipes with step-by-step directions for guaranteed success, as well as vegan/gluten-free choices.

Keep in mind that there are more specialized Greek cookbooks that are presented in this article.

The Mati Mug - Always A Great Greek Souvenir

Greek souvenir Mati mug

The ultimate kitschy blue eye souvenir found everywhere in Greek souvenir shops now as a minimal geometric design.

A modern Greek souvenir that respects the traditions of Greek folklore.

A ceramic mug is quite a typical Greek souvenir and also really useful as an everyday item that will remind you of Greece while... protecting you from the evil eye…

This mug comes in three colors.

Greek souvenir modern recycled canva tote bag with black evil eye

Also available as a recycled black tote bag.

The Octopus Journal - Based On Greek Art

quality Greek souvenir notebook made of goat leather depicting minoan octopus

Besides being a famous Greek delicacy found hanging in every typical Greek taverna on a Greek island, the octopus is a symbol of Minoan Crete (~1500BCE).

This unique goat skin leather journal has a silkscreen print depicting an octopus as it was found on minoan pottery.

A T-Shirt with Greek philosophers quote

Greek souvenir T-Shirt with philosophers quote

The most popular souvenir in every part of the planet is of course the all time classic unisex T-Shirt.

This organic T-Shirt has the quote “You can not harmonize that which disagrees” by Plato.

It is a real quote from Plato’s Symposium and this is important since the internet is full of wrong attributions to Greek philosophers.

The design is a reference to the golden ratio sequence, the ultimate number of harmony and aesthetic balance.

A Shawl Depicting The Golden Ratio - An Ancient Greek Mathematical Discovery

Golden ratio gift modern souvenir
The concept of golden ratio can be found everywhere. Although it was known in many civilizations, Greeks like Euclid first scientifically analyzedits properties and avlue.

The "Tsarouchi" shoe t-shirt

The ultimate souvenir, the tsarouchi shoe. The Greek traditional shoe the Greek presidential guard wears these days, was an everyday accessory for every man and woman in Greece a couple of centuries ago.


There Are More Modern Greek Souvenirs You Can Find Online.

To brag a bit, KUKUVAYA is the number 1 souvenir and novelty gifts store in Katakolon, the port of Ancient Olympia.

Feel free to browse our online collection and you are definitely welcome in our brick and mortar store if you ever visit the ruins of Ancient Olympia, so that we can meet in person and show you the whole collection of modern Greek souvenirs.

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