Greek Keychains: A Symbol of Greek Culture & History In Your Pocket

Greek handmade keychains

We are introducing our collection of authentic Greek keychains!

These handcrafted keychains are functional and serve as a symbol of Greece's rich culture and history.

From the ancient "evil eye" design to motifs inspired by Greek nature and everyday life, our keychains are a perfect way to take a piece of Greece with you wherever you go. These keychains are handmade in Sparta, Greece with special techniques and a unique silkscreen printing method on plexiglass.

Golden Evil Eye Keychain: Protection and Style

Greek evil eye keychain in golden color

An evil eye keychain in golden color is a perfect way to add a touch of traditional Greek culture to your everyday life. This keychain features the traditional evil eye symbol, an amulet that is believed to protect against negative energy and bad luck

Add a touch of Greek culture to your keys with our Golden Evil Eye Keychain - Buy now!

Ram-Aries Keychain: Show off Your Astrological Sign or a Symbol of Greek Rural Life

Ram or Aries Keychain

A keychain depicting the ram - aries is a great way to show off your astrological sign and connection to the Greek gods. The Aries constellation, represented by the ram, is associated with the god Ares the strong Greek god of war. It is also a magnificent animal, seen everywhere in Greece.

Represent your astrological sign and Greek god's symbol with our Ram-Aries Keychain - Order yours today!

Pomegranate Keychain: Symbol of Good Luck in Greek Culture

Pomegranate Keychain: Symbol of Good Luck in Greek Culture

A keychain depicting a pomegranate is an excellent way to bring good luck with you wherever you go. In Greek culture, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and good luck.

Bring good luck with you wherever you go with our Pomegranate Keychain - Purchase now!

Blue Evil Eye Keychain: Add a Pop of Color and Protection

Blue evil eye keychain handmade

A blue evil eye keychain is a great way to add a pop of color to your keys while also incorporating traditional Greek culture. The blue color of the evil eye symbol is believed to offer protection and ward off negative energy, making it a popular talisman in Greece and the eastern Mediterranean.

Protect yourself from negative energy with our Blue Evil Eye Keychain - Get yours today!

Tsarouchi Keychain: A Unique Way to Showcase Greek Culture

Tsarouchi Greek keychain handmade

A keychain featuring the design of Tsarouchi, the traditional Greek shoe, is a one-of-a-kind way to carry a piece of Greece with you. These shoes are made of leather and today are worn by the Greek presidential guard.

Showcase your love for Greek culture with our Tsarouchi Keychain - Buy now!

Greek Donkey Keychain: A Piece of Greek Rural Life

Greek Donkey Keychain

A keychain showing a Greek donkey, or "gaidouraki" can be a delightful way to have a piece of Greek rural life with you. These animals are frequently seen in Greek islands and the mainland, and play a crucial role in the transportation and carrying of goods because of their ability to navigate the harsh terrain of Greece, where cars cannot easily travel.

It is important to note that tourists should not support businesses that exploit donkeys on the Greek islands for the sake of tourism and it is best to research and choose ethical options.

Carry a piece of Greek rural life with you with our Greek Donkey Keychain - Order now!

Greek Fish Keychain: Representing the Greek Sea Culture

Fish handmade keychain

A keychain featuring a Greek fish is a nice way to show Greece’s sea culture. It is often used as a representation of the sea and its resources. The fish is also a traditional symbol of the Greek Orthodox Church besides an important part of Greek sea culture and fishing tradition.

Represent the Greek sea and culture with our Greek Fish Keychain - Purchase now!

Take a Piece of Greece with You: The Perfect Souvenir & Gift - Greek Keychains

Greek keychains are a great way to bring a piece of Greece with you. These authentic, handcrafted keychains make a perfect souvenir or gift.

Check our whole collection and buy yours today!

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