Benefits of charcoal soap: How it helps your skin and one popular charcoal soap myth

Activated Carbon or Charcoal is a very potent substance, widely used for medical purposes because of its properties: it is absorbing and acts as antidote for poisons. This is the benefit of charcoal soap.

Lately, more and more products containing charcoal are being advertised for external use, with the companies making all sorts of promises, e.g.: Charcoal for hair dandruff, white teeth and many others, generally promoted as anti - aging - product.

Time to separate myth from facts about activated charcoal soap benefits:

• The myth is that charcoal is good for everything as anti - aging - product

• The truth is that there are no major convincing scientific studies concerning the external use of activated carbon.

All clinical studies focus on internal application for detoxification.

So what does activated charcoal really do to your skin?

1) Activated charcoal soaks toxins - [FACT, benefit]

Even though studies are lacking, there is clinical evidence. Because of its large surface area, activated charcoal really soaks up toxins, says for example Adam Friedman (professor of dermatology at George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences).

2) Activated charcoal cleans the skin and absorbs impurities - [FACT,benefit]

For this reason professor Blume - Petavi, leading professor for dermatology at the famous Charite in Germany, recommends activated charcoal for external application.

In an interview she said: „It cleans the skin very well and can absorb a lot due to its high binding capacity; impurities such as fat, sebum or sweat are also removed“

So - say yes to activated charcoal for your skin, but...

What is important to know if you use activated charcoal for your skin?

First, it is is not harmful itself: it is non - allergenic and non - toxic.

But even more important is, what to pay attention to: namely, where it should NOT be used:

Do not use it for daily use in rubbing cloths, such as make - up removal cloths.

Rubbing tends to attack the skin and make it rougher.

Also in toothpaste, the Charite-professor says she does not recommend it, because the delicate enamel can be attacked.

But charcoal is ideal for simple cleaning as an additive in a natural soap. There it unfolds all additional detoxification possibilities and benefits.

Just note that the application should not be made with very dry skin.

Can we use charcoal soap daily?

We know you're looking for a quick answer here, but we also want to be sure we're giving you the best information.

So can you use charcoal soap on a daily basis? Yes, generally speaking, it's safe to use activated carbon on the skin once daily. But those with particularly dry or sensitive skin might find that less frequent usage works better for them.

Activated carbon is a great addition to your daily skin care routine because it helps to remove impurities and toxins from your skin.

Conclusion about activated charcoal soap benefits.

Activated carbon (charcoal) is not in the whole „good“ or „bad“, it is a very good additive for skin care, if you pay attention to some things:

  • If you have oily skin, use it in natural soap with charcoal as additive, this is the best product for your daily skin cleansing and also for impurities like acne.
  • Do not use it, if you have dry skin, there are better options.
  • Do not use it if rubbing is required, especially in more dry skin

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uses of activated charcoal soap, facts and myths

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