ReDO bags - Handmade Multipurpose Handbags

REDO Bags, handmade architecture bags and handbags

ReDO bags are a great example of the contemporary Greek designers trend that concentrates in modern and chic objects and souvenirs.

ReDO handbags

ReDO designs and creates mainly handmade cork handbags and bags inspired by architecture:

Fundamental principles of the geometry of straight lines and patterns combined with transformable morphs and volumes can be found in each ReDO bag.

ReDO brand is the brainchild of Greek architect Maria Mavroudi.

Maria Mavroudi is also the head designer of the ReDO brand. She studied architecture in University of Patras (Greece) and completed her postgraduate studies in Barcelona.

While in Barcelona the idea of the ReDO concept was born.

Maria decided that her creativity shall not be limited solely into large surfaces, but also needs to be expressed in smaller items, useful and practical.

Functionality and Aesthetics are her main goals based on the Form follows function principle of design in accordance with the Simplicity and Effectiveness rule of Bauhaus.

Redo creates bags that serve the needs of the user through functionality and versatility, having as reference clean geometries, while emphasizing the morphology, quality and final finish.

Redo bag

A bag according to Maria is an extremely important accessory, since it “enriches with its own unique view her simple, elegant and minimal style” (sic).

ReDO creates convertible handbags that can change shape.

These bags can be used in many different ways, accompanying a woman throughout the day - always made from the finest materials like cork fabric and premium leather.

Maria personally takes care of each part of the production, from start (the idea) to finish (final creation).

She creates the bags in her studio in Egio (Peloponnese in Greece).

You can shop online from our collection of ReDO bags here.

ReDO NARA - the cornerstone of the ReDO bags collection

ReDO "Nara" is a backpack (or totebag) made from cork and leather.

"Nara" bag has a well thought function and can change its shape: It can be a backpack or a shoulder bag, a shoulder bag or a tote and vice versa.

This bag is ideal for a woman with a busy lifestyle. It is also a perfect Greek gift for her.

She can start her day with a backpack for her yoga class, change it to a shoulder bag or to a tote bag while shopping etc. And all this without changing bags. Just by pulling the mountaineering cord, a new design and function emerges.

It is easy to maintain (just use baby wipes or water and natural detergent to clean it) and durable.

Cork has attributes of leather while being an eco-friendly alternative.

Redo bags - handmade multifunctional bags made of cork and leather

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