How To Easily Clean a Cork Purse!

When you buy a new cork purse, it's important to know how to clean it properly.

Every cork bag should be taken care of so it will last a long time.

It is not complicated at all: Cleaning a cork purse is a breeze!

But what is the best way to clean your purse?

We'll share everything you need to know about how to clean a cork purse (and any other cork fabric accessory of course)

Step 1: Remove any dust or dirt from the purse

Remove dust before cleaning a cork purse

Dust the purse with a clean, soft cloth to remove loose dirt and debris.

Removing the dust is important because it can be abrasive, and could scratch and damage the cork fabric further.

You can also gently use a lint roller to remove any hair, lint or thread.

Step 2: Use baby wipes to clean a cork bag

Use baby wipes to clean a cork purse

Baby wipes are the best and quickest way to clean a cork purse. And they do miracles...

They are inexpensive and practical for cleaning on the go or for quick maintenance.

Simply take out one of the baby wipes from its container and rub the surface of your purse to remove dirt or stains.

In case this does not help move to step 3.

Step 3: Use natural detergent and water

neutral soap and water can be used to clean a cork bag

Cork fabric is water resistant.

When cleaning a cork purse, use a natural and mild liquid detergent and water.

Never use harsh detergents or bleach as they will damage the fabric. Conventional detergents may contain ingredients that might damage your cork fabric purse.

Prepare a solution of 5-10 drops of soap to every quarter (about 1 liter) of warm water. Don't worry if the detergent has to be more.

Dampen a soft cloth with the water and detergent mix and clean the stains.

Use another clean cloth to wipe off the dirt.

Step 4: Allow your cork purse to dry completely

Let a wet cork purse naturally dry before storing it

This step is important after step 2 or step 3:

Let your cork purse dry naturally by hanging it in open air for up to 24 hours.

Make sure your cork purse is completely dry before storing it away.

That's it - you are ready to go!

Cleaning cork purses should be a regular chore.

If you don't clean the purse, the dirt and dust will continue to pile up, making it harder to get out.

That is why the less known tip about cleaning your cork purse with baby wipes is important, since you can easily carry them around and clean your purse in no time.

It works wonders to our cork bags.

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