7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Greek Heaven

Ahh, Greece. The land of olive groves, history and ouzo shots. When we think of Greece, we often conjure images of white sandy beaches, and party ferries in the endless blue. So sit back and relax…and let's dive into 7 ways to make your home feel like Greek heaven!

Before we get started on things to do in order to make your home feel like Greece, I must say that these tips are not just for people in the Greek islands. There are a lot of things associated with Greece which can be brought into your own home. The tips below will help you achieve a more Greek feel and we hope that you enjoy it.

Work with bright whites

All-white spaces are very common in the Greek islands, so if that's a look that you want to emulate, then go all out with it. You can use white paint on your walls or even put down some beautiful white marble tiles. Your sheets can be crisp white as well as your curtains and other window treatments. Then add some color with accessories such as pillows, rugs and artwork. A nice blue couch can add a pop of color that will look great against all the white.

Very important: terracotta pots

Terracotta is a type of clay that has been used in ancient Greece and is still used today. Greeks love terracotta pots. So, these simple pots are a must-have and will help you create an authentic feel. They're also great because they can be used indoors and outdoors, so you can carry the look throughout your entire home.

You can plant everything in such pots. The Greek favorites are basil, cacti and cherry tomatoes.

Use plants to bring in the outdoors

Greek homes often feature small courtyards where plants grow and thrive. You can incorporate the same idea into your home by placing a few plants in unexpected places. Put some flowers in your living room or herbs in your kitchen — always place them on a table or shelf instead of on the floor. This will help the space feel bigger and more open, since you can see through the plants. Houseplants are also great for bringing color to an otherwise white space — choose ones that have brightly-colored blooms or leaves.

Hang up your laundry

Hang up your laundry and let it naturally dry. Use a rope and find wooden clothespins (they can be found in any craft store). Then hang your clothes outside, inside or on your balcony. Let them hang for at least half an hour before bringing them back inside. It will make you feel as if you are on vacation again!

Use natural products for your laundry. These will make your clothes smell like the fresh sea breeze in Greece. Find natural products that don't contain artificial aromas and use them regularly. You can also use essential oils like lavender or lemon grass to freshen up your clothes without any chemicals involved!

Bring some Greek philosophy to your everyday life

Use quotes from Greek philosophers as a jumping off point for discussion with friends or family. Most people are familiar with Socrates' famous dictum, "I neither know nor think I know," but what other Greek philosophers' thoughts inspire you?

Bring some Greek philosophy to your everyday life with books, modern statues or posters with quotes. The best part about using these as decoration is that you'll be exposed to new ideas every time you walk by them!

If you're ready to dive into an ancient text yourself, try reading the original great works of Western philosophy. Plato's Dialogues are especially accessible, even if you've never studied classical Greek philosophy before.

Make It Smell Like Greece

Greece is a haven of aromas as well as a paradise of flavors. The Mediterranean summer smells: the sun and its golden sand, the lush green of the Greek countryside and its infinite blue, the orange and lemon groves, altogether have an exotic aroma. You can create this wonderful atmosphere in your home by adding a few scented candles or Greek soaps with Mediterranean aromas of Greek nature. Or, as mentioned before, you can decorate your house with plants of Greek nature that will give that unique scent to your home

For those who love Greek nature, many scented candles exist with the essence of Greek nature and the smells it gives off in various areas of Greece.

The best scented candles for Greek nature lovers are those with orange blossom because they smell like Crete and are reminiscent of holidays in Crete at springtime, especially for those who have lived or lived there at some point in their life.

You can also choose scented candles from other fragrant plants such as lemon blossom or olive trees which have a more intense aroma.

Cook Mediterranean food and invite a lot of friends

One of the first things many people do when they travel to Greece is enjoy the food. The country has a rich culinary scene and one that is ever-growing thanks to new restaurants popping up all over the country.

These days, anyone can learn how to cook food from any part of the world through different cooking websites and books. But if you want to make your home like Greek heaven, you'll need to add some more specific touches to your cooking repertoire.

You don't need a lot of tools or ingredients to make Greek food at home. You probably already have some of them on hand — olive oil, wine vinegar tomatoes and onions, for example.

Authentic Greek meals are about more than just food — they're about community and spending time with people you care about. When you invite people into your home to share a meal, it's an opportunity to build stronger bonds with those around you.

Give your friends some food and drink, and you'll give your home a Greek vibe.


So, no matter in which season you can always bring some Greek culture into your home! Now that you have the steps, all you need is a plan. So be sure to refer back to this post, (we’ll update it from time to time), and voila! A Greek getaway without flying all the way to Greece, in your very own home.

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