The best natural soap you can buy: Greek olive oil soap and its benefits


Greek olive oil soap is a premium product and best soap for your skin

Greek olive oil soap is a high quality product and more than a souvenir.

There are a lot of choices and different production techniques regarding soap. If you are searching for the best olive oil soap here is what to know:

The best quality natural soap is made of vegetable oils like premium extra virgin olive oil with the cold process method. With this method the manufacturer has total control over the ingredients without using extra synthetic detergents. This process makes extra virgin olive oil soap a great choice for most skin types and prevents skin reactions and allergies.

Greek olive oil soap basics and benefits

Greek olive oil soap benefits are many and especially the soaps made with extra virgin olive oil are the purest.

Olive oil soap is mild and simple made based on centuries old recipes using the cold process method.

Greek olive olive oil soap has moisturizing and nutritional properties that help the skin naturally glow. It is generally recommended for all types of skin and was used in traditional medicine for treating various conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dry skin.

Most importantly it is good for face and body and also many use it to wash their hair.

Simply put Greek olive oil soap (made from extra virgin olive oil) is one of the most gentle ways to wash your skin.

If you are looking where to buy olive oil soap you are in the right place.

First, some facts about Greek olive oil soap that you need to know so you can understand its benefits and quality.

If you want to go straight to the products scroll to the end of this article and you will find the best olive oil soaps from Greece.

What is EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil soap?

The best natural soap uses exclusively native vegetable oils (natural fats like olive oil), no artificial color and no chemical additives.

The king of native vegetable oils is definitely the Greek extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality (and more expensive) of premium olive oils.

Yes, it is the one you find mainly in high end delicatessen shops in fancy bottles. It has to have less than 0.8% Acid Value to be characterized as Extra Virgin (among other metrics) and the most Greek extra virgin olive oils have much less (~0.3% Acid Value)!

The European Union is the largest producer of olive oil at global level, accounting for 69% of the world production and the top three olive oil producers in the world are Spain (63%), Italy (17%) and Greece (14%).

So, Greece takes 3rd place worldwide in olive oil production, but it takes 1st place in the world in Extra Virgin Olive Oil production since 70% of all its production is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Greek extra virgin olive oil used for premium soap production

The low Acidic Value of Greek extra virgin olive oil can be explained because of the traditional harvesting method still used in Greece (in contrast to the industrialized method used in other countries that have industrially reformed).

In addition to the unique climate, geophysical conditions, the centuries old olive trees and farming experience.

In other words, Greece produces so much extra virgin olive oil that it also uses for soap production: A perfect cleaning agent as well as a cosmetically effective agent. Above all, it follows the Hippocratic advice: do no harm!

For soap, some use inferior olive oil, even filtered oil used from frying, but at least heated oil.

In this case there are not only no more positive effects, but also harmful, so prefer extra virgin Olive oil soaps, not simply labeled as "olive oil soap".

Important to know: today the market offers many olive soaps (not extra virgin olive oil soaps). The problem is that pure extra virgin Olive oil is expensive, so it is preferred for consuming.


Which is the best Greek extra virgin olive oil soap you can buy?

Marika botanicals fresh handmade olive oil soaps made in Greece, ancient Olympia

We introduce you to the "Marika Botanicals" - Greek natural cosmetics, producer of the best olive oil soaps in Greece.

A modern and very successful Greek cosmetics brand that produces extra virgin olive oil soaps among other cosmetics.

This brands soaps are the real and original deal.

This small brand uses traditional recipes and raw materials found in the Ancient Olympia area, where their cool lab is located.

All production processes follow the strictest standards of good manufacturing practice of the European Union (GMP).

"Marika Botanicals" is a brand that has major success in Greece and becomes fast known abroad by the thousands of happy visitors from all over the world that had the chance to get introduced to this premium soaps in selected Greek shops and pharmacies while on vacations on the Greek islands.

The best Greek olive oil soap you can buy online:

Buy soaps with extra virgin olive oil, activated carbon and Assyrtiko wine

Greek olive oil soaps with activated carbon and wine, premium extra virigin olive oil soaps

Olive oil (extra virgin) is the most organic and best moisturizer and is great for naturally glowing skin.

Activated carbon in this soap can help with high-end detoxification and impurities cleaning.

Assyrtiko wine is one of the most famous wines of Greece with several grape varieties. This wine's most famous origin is from Santorini (a volcanic island) in the Aegean sea area.

This  type of wine can help the skin by:

    • Preventing the premature aging of the skin
    • Restoring the moisture content of the skin

Assyrtiko wine consists of potent antioxidants as tannin, resveratrol and flavonoids which help in the immediate restoration of elastic fibers and skin collagen.

The soaps are 100% organic and biodegradable. You can read a special article about activated charcoal myths and facts here!

Suitable for face and body. No animal testing.

Check our collection for more information here.

Buy soaps with extra virgin olive oil and donkey milk:

Greek olive oil soaps with donkey milk, premium extra virigin olive oil soaps


A combination of both olive oil and donkey milk can best suit the skin for several purposes and these are the benefits:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best moisturizer or emollient for dry skin.
  • Donkey milk can smoothen and soften the dry skin. Different skin conditions that occur due to skin dryness as xerosis, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis were in Greek tradition treated with these two ingredients' help.
  • In addition, donkey milk possesses some vital ingredients like beta-carotene, which help in the stimulation of new skin cells' growth. This ingredient is great for regenerating skin cells so it is ideal for naturally glowing skin and healthy appearance.

The soaps are 100% organic and biodegradable.

Suitable for face and body. No animal testing.

Check our collection for more information here


Buy soaps with extra virgin olive oil, Greek sea salt, and rosemary:

Greek olive oil soaps with Greek sea salt and Rosemary, premium extra virigin olive oil soaps gift box


  • Greek sea salts also have individual characteristic features and benefits, which make them a luxury ingredient for the skin. These minerals are helpful for skin detoxification, deep cleansing, and elimination of harmful toxins.
  • Rosemary is a herb which holds anti-inflammatory properties to: 1) Reduce the skin puffiness and swelling, 2) Stimulate the healing of skin wounds, burns, and scars, 3) Smoothen the skin texture, 4) In Greek tradition it was used to treat several skin conditions as itching, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

A combination of all these ingredients can give the ultimate benefits to your skin.

The soaps are 100% organic and biodegradable.

Suitable for face and body. No animal testing.

Check our collection for more information here

Do you want to try them all?

Here is the special starters pack with one of each so you can test them and find the best for your skin.

Premium olive oil soap suitable for face and body

Why choose such a gift box?

Due to the corona-virus pandemic, health care associations are continuously emphasizing proper hygiene and regular handwashing.

At this time, our gift box containing different soaps and hygiene products is a great gift for your loved ones. These products give protection from germs, enhancement of skin texture and appearance as well, if properly used.

For more information about the benefits of hand washing and personal hygiene with such soaps compared to other methods (wet ones, liquid soap, hand sanitizers etc) don't miss this blog article.

P.S. Why is Greek olive oil soap not famous outside Greece?

It is an interesting fact that everyone knows about the quality of Greek yogurt, Greek olive oil and Greek honey.

Nobody seems to know the benefits and quality of Greek olive oil soaps!

In our opinion it is a matter of marketing and branding.

Greece has a centuries old tradition in producing the treasures described above, but never really branded them or introduced them to the world.

The Greek landscape and climate, combined with centuries old knowledge provide the ideal conditions to produce such great products.

These products were used by Greeks themselves and were never really exported to the world outside Greece.

Mainly the tourism industry helped to introduce these products to the international public:

Visitors from all over the world tasted Greek olive oil, honey and yogurt in a traditional Greek "taverna" and immediately recognized the great value.

Then, they bought mainly olive oil as a souvenir, and this was the main "exporting" process of Greek goods!

Greek taverna is the place where you get to know Greek olive oil as a tourist

On the other hand, none of the visitors really tested a Greek soap, so its great value and benefits never got such a promotion as in the case of olive oil.

In the past decade, serious Greek entrepreneurs, managed to overcome the famous Greek bureaucracy among other obstacles and exported these treasures, mainly extra virgin olive oil and yogurt.

Now you can find these unique products in selected stores worldwide, with Greek yogurt becoming an international obsession.

But again, Greek soap has not yet the place it deserves in boutiques, cosmetics stores and pharmacies worldwide.

You should try for yourself and find the benefits of these premium soaps!


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We think that it is common sense for people who have dermatological conditions, always to first ask their dermatologist for available treatments!