5 reasons you miss Greece

There are several reasons you miss Greece and every individual has his own.

When you are from Greece, but live abroad, you would like to stay connected with your roots. You may visit every year, cherish your souvenirs, but being away has consequences.

There are several reasons for feeling homesick for Greece, and many people suffer from nostalgia.

Here are the five main reasons for missing the country, as reported over and over again.

The simplicity of Greek life

Living in Greece is not just about beautiful weather, amazing beaches and great food. It’s also about a different way of living. Greeks have a totally different lifestyle than any other European country. This is why they may seem weird to foreigners.

In Greece, people are generally happy. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they can laugh about anything. Their sense of humor is so well developed that they can make fun of almost anything – including themselves. And this is one of the main reasons you miss Greece.

Greeks don’t worry a lot about tomorrow; they are very good at living the moment. If you ask any Greek person on his/her plans for tomorrow, he/she will probably answer something like “I don’t know, I haven’t planned anything yet!” Sure, there are exceptions, but in general Greeks live day by day and know how to enjoy it.

If you think that your life is complicated, remember that sometimes it takes less to be happy – like visiting your family on Sundays or spending some quality time with your friends over coffee.

The Greek food and drinks

When you think of Greece, your mind can’t help but wander to the blissful taste of authentic Greek food.

The climate is ideal for growing delicious fruits and vegetables. The sea provides plenty of seafood. And the mountainous terrain is perfect for raising goats and sheep that produce cheese and yogurt. The result: a diet that is healthy, tasty and diverse. Of course you know that the original Feta cheese comes from Greece.

You can find meat and potatoes in every taverna, but the real heart of Greek food lies in the appetizers known as meze, which literally translates as “taste.” A selection of these little dishes served with ouzo makes for a fun evening out with friends!

What is food without the right drink? Greece produces excellent wines, ouzo and tsipouro (made from grapes or figs) grown in the country’s many vineyards. Ouzo also makes a great mixer with fruit juice or soft drinks.

An important part of everyday life in Greece is coffee drinking with friends. Have you tried the Iced coffee worldwide known as “Frappe”? For some Greeks the coffee drinking with friends ritual is a really important reason they miss Greece.

The Greek landscape and nature

Greece is one of the most geologically diverse countries in Europe, with a vast array of different landscapes and ecosystems that can change impressively even within short distances. There are about 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Sea, creating countless dreamy beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, roughly 50% of the country consists of beautiful mountains, including Mount Olympus, the home to the 12 gods of ancient Greece.That is why Greece is a great destination for everyone: from those interested in archaeology or cave exploration to hikers and skiers!

There are few things as romantic as watching the sunset over the ocean – this you can experience every day when in Greece. The magical hues of red, orange and purple light up the sky as daylight fades away. This makes for a stunning backdrop whether you’re on a romantic break or a family holiday.

The Greek weather year around is definitely a reason you miss Greece

Greece is well-known for its beautiful summers and temperate winters, but what a lot of people don't know is that this incredible country also has an amazing spring and fall.

What people love most about Greece is its balmy Mediterranean climate. People who live there enjoy temperate winters with little snow or rain and mild summers that aren't too hot or humid. It's one of those places where you can almost always count on clear skies and sunny days.The sun shines over 350 days a year, but it’s not too hot to be unbearable. The breeze from the Sea keeps things cool and comfortable. Of course, It also rains, but mostly in the fall. This keeps everything green and luscious.

Greek people, friends and family

The Greek family is important. Even if they don’t live together anymore, they still spend time together on weekends or holidays. Of course, if you live far away, you miss the extended family the most. But generally the warmth, humor and hospitality of the Greeks are unique. Greeks simply love the company, not only in the family. So, if you are just a visitor to Greece, we will also welcome you with open arms. We’ll embrace your culture and introduce you to ours.

And this is the most important reason of all that you miss Greece.

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