Best Women's Backpack For Work, Travel And Everyday Use

Best Women's Backpack For Work, Travel And Everyday Use

If you are searching for a versatile backpack that is chic and durable you will fall in love with this multi functional handbag that can also be used as a purse.

This stylishly constructed cork fabric backpack is both convertible and classic with minimal design and a sleek leather exterior pocket that gives this piece a designer feel.

It is an elegant convertible bag that changes easily from a backpack to a shoulder bag or a tote bag!

It does not require you to unhook and re-hook straps. With this bag all that is needed to change bag types is the way you pull the straps and it has a clean and elegant design in every mode.

You can wear it on a date night or use it as an everyday bag. It has the ideal size, and it holds everything you usually have in your purse, plus more.

It has an adjustable strap, so you can convert this bag in seconds to a backpack as well as a tote or shoulder bag. It is made of high-quality cork fabric and leather, and is easy to clean and maintain.

There is a zipper pocket inside that secures everything in the bag, and it also has an external one where you can put your keys, wallet, cell phone etc. These are enough secure pockets but not so many that you’ll get confused about where you put things!

You can also use this as a day travel bag - you will love it!

Best versitile Backpack For Work, Travel And Everyday Use

An everyday work bag for women

If you walk to work a lot you can wear it as a backpack and fill it full, then convert it to a shoulder or tote bag to get the “office look”.

If you ride the bus to work you will appreciate that your work heels will fit in the bag, along with snacks, planner, tablet, phone, wallet, eyeglass case, hair brush, full sized aerosol hairspray and more!

There's no slipping and having to constantly readjust. People will compliment and admire this bag.

It’s size is great for work and school.

It looks great for the office but can also be casual enough for a weekend concert if you like.

The perfect bag for a (new) mom

For a new mom for instance this bag is perfect. Use it as a backpack when you are with the baby and when it’s just you it’s a purse. Cork fabric is durable and easy to clean. And the best part, wet baby wipes are the best method to clean it!

best women's handbag for travel

A bag great for your travels

This bag also works great during your travels.

A convertible bag that doubles as a purse and a backpack while being far more stylish than your typical travel ‘backpack’.

Cork and leather makes it lightweight and it is very easy to just wipe off if anything gets dirty.

It also has a zipper pocket inside to store your valuables, and it is really complicated for someone who does not know its function, to just grab anything from inside.

This is important if you are in a crowded area, because pickpockets around you can’t easily figure out how to get to the zipper.

When doing walking tours of the cities, use it as a backpack for comfort. If needed e.g. to take it into the museums convert it to a shoulder bag or tote (because in some museums they make you check backpacks at the entrance).

In other words it is an ideal travel bag for a modern woman.

Learn more about

This backpack is designed and handmade by architect Maria Mavroudi, founder of the ReDO brand.

  • It is a great size. Not too big but not too small, this bag fits all daily essentials.
  • It is sturdy and easy to switch from shoulder bag, to tote or backpack.
  • It’s made from durable materials while having an elegant design based on architectural geometric forms.

If you want a multi functional bag, try this. Would be great as a travel personal item as well.

Get more info, watch the video and buy yours here.

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