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One wine quote to rule them all - the ultimate wine saying T-Shirts

If you search online, you will find many wine sayings T-Shirts.

Sadly most of them show false quotes with wrong attributions.

We did a research (to be continued) and found correct wine sayings from ancient Greece.

Our favorite quote so far is one from great philosopher and historian Plutarch (AD 46 - ~ AD 119).

Above all it is a CORRECT QUOTE and not a wrong attribution.

This quote comes from "De tuenda sanitate" (Advice about keeping well) the 11th of 78 essays and speeches of the Moralia collection.

Best t-shirt about wine

Check it out:

"For wine is the most beneficial of beverages, the pleasantest of medicines, and the least cloying of appetizing things, provided that there is a happy combination of it with the occasion as well as with water."

You can summarize this saying as follows:

Wine is a useful drink, a tasty medicine and a  pleasant food!

Without further ado, browse our three designs for this wine sayings T-Shirt.

Women's organic slub T-Shirt

wine T-shirt saying for women

Organic, slub T-shirt for women who appreciate wine!

Available in white, pink and black.

Above all it is light and airy, without clinging to the body.

You don't have to iron it because it is not designed to look flat, but it this is up to you.

Unisex T-Shirt for wine lovers

wine t shirt sayings

100% organic cotton, this wine saying T-shirt is a best seller.

This T-shirt is available in five colors (White, Black, Khaki, Indigo and Maroon).

Sizes range from XS to XXXL.

The absolute wine saying T-Shirt

t-shirt with wine saying that is organic and unisex

Certainly the most straightforward design. Are 5 bottles of wine enough?

Organic and high quality Wine lovers T-shirt. Ideal for every age.

Likewise available in 5 colors and 7 sizes.

Here is a summary for our Unisex T-Shirts specs:

More to come

To sum up this is just a short introduction for our newest designs.

In short there is definitely more to come from our side.

Above all,  please don't hesitate to contact us for any question, suggestion or new ideas!

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