Dark academia aesthetic is more than a trend


dark academia aesthetic is more than a trend

"…I remember it was in the bleak December…" (E. A. Poe, "The Raven")

Dark Academia and the trends of aesthetics

What is actually a trend and how does it come about?

Often you can’t understand where something begins. However, absolutely crucial is the fast spreading.

So, today the social media like instagram and tictoc seem responsible for a new fashion even if it is much older:

Something used by isolated eccentrics, perhaps found among elitist minorities, suddenly becomes a worldwide trend.

oxford university dark academia aesthetic

That is what happened to „Academia Aesthetic“, a trend reminding  the formal dress style of students from particularly venerable universities such as Oxford or Cambridge, Yale or Harvard in the 30´s and 40´s.

Besides the dress code of aesthetic academia, the whole „Acadamia Lifestyle“ reemerged and has been aesthetically expressed in architecture, design, home decor and the way of living.

The „Dark Academia“ followed soon, referring to the old Gothic and Romanesque buildings and our associations of candlelight and students leaning over thick dusty classical books near a Greek gods bust.

Fashion shows attitude to life

Clothing is not only something that covers and warms. It has always been an expression of lifestyle.

For example, "sports" clothing was not only practical for training, but became a trend in everyday fashion as a counterweight to previously demanded restrictive fashion and lifestyle.

Similarly, Aesthetic Academia in all its different versions points to classical literature, to knowledge and learning: Even the values of the elite universities suddenly appear, values and aesthetics that go way back to the classical Greek philosophy.

In the pandemic: longing for education

It is interesting to observe how nostalgia suddenly appears in very young people during the pandemic: home schooling is not the same, there are more or less no discussions with others.

Also, with only virtual sessions and discussions there is no need to dress up.

But dressing carefully is also an expression of our personality, so some things are clearly missing.

In addition, the restrictions to contain the virus have cut a large part of social life. So, not only college students but also teenagers are suddenly in search of meaning.

Not only the style, but also the content is trendy; Thousands follow courses on the net, offered not only by self-appointed coaches but also by the elite universities themselves.

A trend that leads  to exploration of the classics and self improvement!

academia aesthetic library and decoration

How  to achieve this aesthetics?

So you love Aesthetic Academia, what do you need?

Suits, shirts, cardigans and elegant leather shoes, also big glasses? Yes, you will choose some of them.

But it is not the main point. Nothing must be expensive or even designer fashion.

Most important is an attitude that is shown and underlined by sophisticated things.

Poet writing in his desk with academia aesthetics

How to become a part of Aesthetic Academia?

No, you cannot become an intellectual with glasses or a college folder in your hand, also not with the book you are showing on the photo.

But you can express what you really are. And it is a great opportunity to study the classics.

If you share this feeling, it is easy to belong. Academia lifestyle was strongly inspired by classical Greek culture and many literary sources from Shakespeare to Harry Potter. From "Dead Poets Society" and "Good Will Hunting“.

Edgar Allan Poe - The raven - Athena bust - Pallas bust - dark academia aesthetics

(Edgar Alan Poe, the Raven - "Athens" by jaci XIV is marked with CC0 1.0 )


And, of course, also in Poe's „The Raven the author describes that the bird „…Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door...“ (Pallas Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, useful arts and prudent warfare).

The poem shows lifestyle, classic sculptures, a part of Poe's way of living, his „style“.

If it expresses you, you can acquire such a Greek sculpture in modern style to achieve the perfect dark academia decor.

Last not least, blazers, trousers, coats and shirts have always been androgynous, breaking gender stereotypes; maybe this is another reason why this style is so popular today.

Aesthetic academia is a style in which everyone can find himself as well as a being part of a sophisticated community.

So, maybe the style gives you warmth and December is no longer bleak.

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