KUKUVAYA Concept Store in Katakolon with customer with a hat



Kukuvaya means Owl in Greek - the Owl of Athena a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition.

Kukuvaya is a concept store located in Katakolon, the port of Ancient Olympia in Greece, a store dedicated to contemporary Greek gifts.



We are a team of dreamers. We like unique ideas. We love to interact with guests from all over the world. We have a passion for aesthetics. We support contemporary brands and startups.

We know that Greece is more than amazing beaches, sunshine and thousands years of history.

We show the continuum of this land presenting the creations of contemporary Greeks, people that get inspired by the great Greek history, traditions, philosophy, arts, nature, aesthetics, everyday life, style and gastronomy.


Plexiglass bookstand goat in KUKUVAYA Concept Store



There is a unique story behind every producer:

Architects that get inspiration by transformable morphs, designers that combine classical aesthetics of the 5th century BC with the abstract thoughts of Yves Klein, entrepreneurs who manage to recycle what was considered to be waste into useful and sustainable modern objects are some of the ideas.

The materials can be cork, ceramine, tencel, Plexiglas, marble, sea-grass – generally everything that can be seen in a new light.

Quality, functionality and aesthetics are the main goal.


KUKUVAYA Concept Store inside view

We are happy to see our guests impressed by our collection and feel proud about the amazing online reviews.

Thanks to all of you who reached out and expressed your concerns about KUKUVAYA's doing during these difficult times. You are the reason we decided to feature selected works of our collection on our brand new e-shop. We are sure that we will meet again in the near future when everything will settle down!


4K-architects made KUKUVAYA the beautiful place it is

KUKUVAYA logo and more by Nina Weber