Ma Taverne Grecque (My Greek Taverna - FRENCH)

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The ultimate Greek Cooking Book! This version is in French.

“My Greek Taverna” sets the table with all the wonderful Greek flavors and brings out the values of sharing and offering –hospitality ("filoxenia")– that are so fundamental to every Greek meal. The menu includes mezedes, salads, pies, stews, seafood, traditional Greek dishes and of course traditional desserts: 65 traditional Greek recipes with step-by-step instructions for guaranteed success, as well as vegan/gluten-free options. The dishes are accompanied with wine, ouzo and tsipouro, as we like to raise our glasses and say “Stin igiamas” (cheers) at every chance. Within the book you will also find typical Greek expressions related to Greek food, and photos that will whet your appetite!


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