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sjaal - woman wearing female indigo blue cotton stole shawl scarf modern cycladic idol outdoors

Cycladic Idol shawl (Indigo Blue)

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Indigo Blue cotton stole / shawl / scarf

It depicts a female Cycladic Idol smoking a cigarette. That's what probably a modern Greek would do in comparison to 5000 years ago, when Cycladic culture thrived in the Aegean Islands. Cycladic culture was a bronze age culture (c. 3200-1000 BC) throughout the islands of the Cyclades like Phylakopi, Skarkos, Saliagos, Amorgos, Naxos, Kea and more.

This elegant simple marble figurines provide an astonishing link between prehistoric and Contemporary art


Material: 100% Cotton, silkscreen printed

Dimensions: approx. 150cm x 70cm