5 Greek philosopher quotes to feel better

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Greek philosophy quotes to make you feel better - life quotes that motivate


These are the short Greek quotes about life that motivate us, give us inspiration and strength!

1) There is nothing impossible to him who will try - Alexander the Great

Boost your confidence.

This is the right attitude towards adversity. Life is full of adversity and struggle.

It is not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens that makes all the difference in the end.

Keep trying, continue putting effort to succeed and persist in your attempts to reach your goals. Don't give up.

Alexander the Great quote - nothing impossible - quote to feel better

2) Happiness depends upon ourselves - Aristotle

Choose to be happy.

The meaning is that achieving happiness is not easy but you can choose how you react to life.

You have a choice. Do what you need to do to change your mood.

It is your job to feel happy and appreciate the essence of life.  

Aristotle quote - Happiness


3) Philosophy begins in wonder - Plato

Start thinking.

Take some time every day and start thinking.

You constantly are busy, running behind various tasks.

Turn your phone off for a while, it can wait.

Take the time and relax.

It is workout for the brain and the first step to solve any problem.

Plato quote - Philosophy


4) Make a habit of two things to help or at least to do no harm - Hippocrates

Take care of yourself.

Do something good for your body and your soul.

A new daily routine maybe? Yoga? Time to get your old books from the box? Try to eat more vegetables?

You will find something.

Start with small adjustments but commit to them.

Hippocrates oath quote - Make a habbit - do no harm

Find this Hippocrates bust with quote here.


5) I know one thing that I know nothing - Socrates

Nobody is perfect!

No one is perfect, even your role models.

Socrates thought that any knowledge he had was insignificant compared to how much was left to be discovered.

Keep this in mind and keep improving.

Socrates quote - I know one thing that I know nothing - quote about knowledge

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