Onesies: Perfect gift ideas for a Greek newborn or baby

Greek baby body suits that are the ideal gift or souvenir for your little friends.

Choose thoughtful and useful presents for a Greek baby

A new child - a new hope!

If you are searching for a present for a newborn of Greek parents you are in the right place.

We suggest onesies - bodysuits with meaning for the Greek community, presents that babies will enjoy and parents will be delighted to receive. 

If you’re still not sure about what kind of gift to give, or need a place to start, always consider the purpose of the gift: 

  • It should be useful and practical for both the baby and parents

  • It should have a meaning

  • It has to be cute

  • It should spark emotions, memories and dreams about the baby’s present and future

Newborn Greek baby

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a gift for a Greek newborn.

A baby does not need a perfect pirate outfit or a fancy toy.

New parents, especially when this is their first baby, need presents that will help their everyday life. Remember that such a gift is a gesture towards the baby and the parents.

Quality is key to babies accessories

It is important to choose gifts that have great quality.

You should choose presents that will not cause problems like allergies, dry skin, pimples etc since the newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive.

Greek mother and newborn baby

We suggest the following baby bodysuits as the perfect gift for a Greek newborn because they:

  • are made with 100% organic cotton
  • are printed in Europe with water based Eco friendly inks - great for the skin
  • have soft texture
  • are designed in Greece with respect to the symbols and traditions

Keep reading to find our selections:

1. The mati (or "evil eye protection") baby bodysuit

If you don’t know the symbol of “Mati” or evil eye you have to know that it is a Greek traditional good luck charm and it’s story is lost in the centuries of long Greek history.

Greek mati or evil eye charm is given as a gift to Greek newborns or babies

Every grandmother (the "yiayia") or friend in Greece will pin a “Mati” charm on a baby’s crib.

“Mati” is a geometrical representation of an eye, mainly in blue and turquoise color. According to Greek tradition effusive praise risks giving the “evil eye” to the praise recipient.

Fun fact: The Greek orthodox church supports this superstition and has special methods and prayers to fight the effects of evil eye!

So, mainly cute babies or beautiful women are the "victims" of the “evil eye”.

The mati symbol according to tradition,  is supposed to absorb all this negative energy (that is not necessarily shared on purpose and can even be shared by accident according to the myth). You can read more about the evil eye in this article.

newborn baby wearing evil eye or mati baby bodysuit, onesie - greek onesies for babies

In a way, giving a mati charm as a gift is a way to say:

“Your baby is so cute that everyone will admire it so much that it will eventually get the evil eye”.

If all this does not make sense to you, don’t worry but remember a Greek will immediately understand, appreciate or laugh with nostalgia for his "yiayia".

This baby bodysuit has printed a contemporary depiction of the “Mati” charm.

You can find this organic Mati - evil eye bodysuit here.

Evil eye baby bodysuit

2. The “Tsarouchi” (Tsolias) - Greek traditional shoe baby bodysuit.

If the newborn is a Greek boy don’t look further, this is the perfect gift with a great historical symbolism.

The “tsarouchi” is the Greek traditional outfits shoe.

In modern times it is worn by the elite Greek presidential guard - the “evzones” or Tsolias.

The greek presidential guard shoe is called tsarouchi and a symbol of strenght

Evzones is a word that describes the uniform they wear and it’s first mention is by Homer in “Iliad” (written about 2800 years ago).

Only the tallest, strongest, most handsome and with best character Greek men are selected to join this elite unit and it is considered a great honor.

Evzones and their outfit, and especially the tsarouchi shoe, are a great symbol of Greece, freedom and independence.

The purpose of the presidential guard is to protect the tomb of the unknown soldier in syntagma square in Athens and protect and honor the Greek president and democracy in general.

This outfit was also worn as everyday clothing by ordinary people in the past.

smiling baby boy sitting in tsarouchi greek traditional shoe onesie, bodysuit - perfect gift for Greek newborn - greek onesies for babies

It is the ultimate symbol of a healthy, handsome and strong man, with great physique, sharp mind and a noble character.

Greek shoe baby bodysuit - greek themed gift for baby boy

Get this tsarouchi baby bodysuit here.

You can also find a "tsarouchi" baby bib here.

3. Greek philosopher Socrates quote on a baby bodysuit

Socrates does not need an introduction since he is one of the most famous Greek philosophers. The quote “I know one thing that I know nothing” is commonly attributed to him, even if such a quote does not exist in writings.

On the other hand, the quote “I neither know nor think I know” which has a similar meaning is an actual Socrates quote that can be found in Plato's Apology (section 21d).

greek baby girl wearing onesie bodysuit with greek philosopher socrates quote

This quote can have many interpretations but in the end it shows that human beings, adults or babies, have so much to learn:

Life is a constant journey full of new experiences and knowledge to be found.

Find this present for the philosopher to come here.

Socrates for baby and babies

Tips for giving a present to a Greek newborn

a) Write a Greek gift card

Greeks are frequently using various wishes that are different for every occasion.

Maybe it does not make sense to you, but in Greek culture it is very common and brings often tears of emotion and nostalgia to grown ups.

Greek wish for newborn baby, baptism, birthday or nameday

If you want to say something kind to the parents, or write a card for example, a common wish for newborns you can use is:

  • "Na sas zisei!", (Να σας ζήσει!) - It is a sentence that means that you wish the baby shall have a long and healthy life.
  • A variation of this wish is: "Na zisei san ta psila bouna!"(Να ζήσει σαν τα ψηλά βουνά!) - which means "(the baby) shall live like the high mountains".
  • A more complex wish for Greek parents of newborns is: "Na to kamarosete opos epithimite!" (Να το καμαρώσετε όπως επιθυμείτε) - which means "I wish you (to the parents) to be proud of him/her as you wish!"

Note that these wishes are also appropriate for other occasions like baptism, birthday or name-day to name a few (it could be useful in the future).

b) Don't forget the baby's brothers or sisters

Keep in mind that it is a common gesture in Greece to also buy a small gift for the newborn baby's brothers or sisters.

After all a newborn is a major life changing event for existing siblings.

Greek mother and her son in nature wearing Greek T-shirts

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Keep in mind that there is a discount if you buy more than 2 items from our "Kids and babies" collection or the whole clothing collection.

You can also find a similar themed gift for the parents! (same discount applies).

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