(Quality) Greek mythology board games for kids you can buy online

Greek mythology inspired games and board games based on Greek mythology

These Greek mythology games and boardgames for kids are the perfect gifts for children interested in mythology!

Greek mythology games that are fun and educational are more than a simple souvenir from Greece. They are the best way to make your kids interested in Greek myths and learn so many things!

Without further ado, here is our collection of games inspired by Greek mythology:

1) The "Odyssey" board game

The odyssey board game is a snakes an laders game telling the story of Homer's odyssey

The Odyssey board game is a snakes and ladders Greek mythology game telling the story of Homer's Odyssey and can be played by the whole family.

A colorful Greek myth board game that follows Odysseus epic journey as told by Homer and kids love it! It is the best way to introduce kids to Homer's epic poem.

A booklet is included that tells the story in a fun and child friendly way and it is a great introduction in such an important book that shaped the western literature.

The counters are little ships. No reading required.

For children 3+.

Find this Odyssey board game and more details here.

2) A Greek mythology Domino game for kids

Greek mythology game for the whole family

Domino game is a classic that does not need an introduction.

It can be played by children and grown ups making it a great game for the whole family.

This domino game depicts Greek mythology Gods and heroes,

It is an awarded design by ΕΒΓΕ and ERMIS awards.

For ages 3+

Find this perfect family game here.

3) Memory game: The Greek mythology edition

Match match or memory game with Greek mythology gods

Another classic, the "Memory Game" based on Greek mythology characters.

Known to be a great game for kids or grown ups, since it sharpens the memory.

A leaflet included describes the Greek mythology characters that are depicted: Gods, Goddesses and heroes.

Ages: 3+

It can also be played by one player.

Find more information about this Greek mythology game here.

4) Greek mythology playing cards

Playing cards depicting Greek mythology figures

The standard playing cards deck is what you need to play hundreds of games.

You can find a short list (over 40 games!) here.

In this variation Greek mythology figures are depicted on the cards. Can you tell which one is which?

A pack of 54 playing cards with awarded design that teach in the meantime the characteristics of Greek mythology Gods and heroes.

Find this unique Greek mythology playing cards here.

5) The Odyssey puzzle game

The Odyssey puzzle for kids

This puzzle game depicts Gods and Greek mythology creatures as described by Homer.

Odysseus managed to overcome the obstacles and after a long 10 year journey arrived at his home in Ithaca to his loved Penelope.

Let the kid develop its fantasy, memory and motor skills. Let it find out who Odysseus was, who the cyclopes or the lotus eaters etc.

160 pieces of fun

Age: 5+

Get more information about this Odyssey puzzle game here.

Greek Mythology Games - Is It A Good Idea?

There is a reason why Greek mythology and myths have endured through the centuries and inspired kids and grown ups from every culture.

They were one of the first explanations of the world and were transmitted from generation to generation.

Greek mythology has great characters, immortal gods and goddesses, fearless heroes, magnificent mythical creatures, a lot of adventures, moral dilemmas, love, action, drama and humor that inspires children and adults in every part of the world.

It is also not a coincidence that elements from Greek mythology are used in modern myth and fiction books, video games, tv shows and movies.

If you want to educate your children about Greece and Greek Mythology we suggest using fun and educational games.

In this post, we will show you the best Greek mythology games you can find (that are not video games), directly from Greece.

Greek mythology games and board games

Greek mythology tabletop games or board games are always a good idea and a great gift for children, especially if they have educational elements.

We provide to our customers the best Greek mythology games and board games.

We know the value of the games we suggest in this list, based on personal experience and the great feedback we get from happy customers and kids from all over the world.

The games are made by the Greek “My Greek Games” brand.

It is an ethical, responsible and multi-awarded company that cares about children and is fascinated about Greek mythology.

Their mission is to provide fun and education based and inspired by Greek mythology and classical Greek writings like Homer’s Odyssey.

Greek mythology games for kids and teens

Our Collection Of Greek Mythology Gifts Is Unique And Tested

Why the Greek mythology games we suggest here are the best you can find online?

These are the reasons:

  1. They are based on internationally well-known classic games like domino, chutes and ladders, memory game and more; so you can start playing them right away. The point is to learn Greek mythology stories and not spend your time with a set of new rules of an unknown game.
  2. They are ethically made in Greece under the strictest European Union standards of manufacturing.
  3. These Greek mythology games provide knowledge about the original Greek myths while being fun for children and grown ups. They can be played by every member of a family.
  4. They are designed by modern Greek designers (like Ioannis Ergeletzis or Aristotelis Falegos) and have been awarded for their graphics and educational value by ERMIS and ΕΒΓΕ.
  5. Each game they produce is being tested by the creators children first – true story.
  6. We have tested these games personally and guarantee their quality. Also, we have sold hundreds of them to customers from all over the world (travelers that visit our area and our brick and mortar store in Katakolon while on a cruise).
  7. Besides Greek mythology stories these games teach important skills: They help children to develop fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, shape and pattern recognition, memory, fair play and more

With no further ado, here is the list of these magnificent Greek mythology games:

Epilogue: Greek mythology in primary school in Greece

As Greeks, Greek mythology was part of the curriculum in school for one year on in the 3rd grade of elementary school.

It was an educational introduction to Greece’s great and endless history (over 7000 years) in a most pleasant pedagogical way.

We learned about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, heroes like Hercules or Theseus and more, and got used to studying and memorizing these easy to understand stories with a lot of symbolical depth.

A method full of fun and fantasy, preparing kids to study real history one year later.

Unfortunately back then there were no such great Greek mythology games that would help the learning process. But we are happy that our children have access to such great and fun educational material.

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