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Gifts for Greek friends!

Gift ideas for Greek friends

Do you have Greek friends?

Chances that you have a Greek friend are quite large if you think of the Greek diaspora!

Especially in the United States of America you can find the largest ethnically Greek population outside Greece. Count also Canada, Germany, Australia and more, the current estimation is that Greek diaspora is approaching the 5 million mark!

Also many Greeks moved abroad during the last financial crisis, a whole new generation of Greeks outside Greece.

Are you searching for unique Greek gifts online?

You are in the right post. Let us explain:


Gifts for Greek friends and everyone who loves Greece.

It is a nice idea to give your friends something with meaning and soul from Greece.

You can always find everywhere the traditional staff and typical gifts such as olive oil, worry beads (kompoloi), backgammon (tavli) to name a few. It is always a nice gesture!

If you are looking for Gifts for Greeks, gifts for Greek mythology lovers, Greek gifts for her, gifts for Greek families or everyone in love with Greece we suggest something different and new:

Contemporary greek gifts eshop kukuvaya

Contemporary Greek brands.

The financial crisis was devastating for the Greek population in Greece. Many people (mainly highly educated medical doctors, engineers, economists and more) moved abroad for a better financial future.

Many of the people that stayed in Greece, pivoted and adjusted to the circumstances:

A new scene of contemporary Greek creators emerged!

Architects designed women's bags, civil engineers produced high quality sunglasses, economists recycled waste to produce new materials, designers created beautiful objects inspired by Greece, artists made Greek mythology gifts, the list goes on...

We feature in our brick and mortar store in Katakolon the best products of this scene and we suggest this gift Ideas for your Greece loving friends.


1. Greek multi functional women's handbags

Greek cork handbag - gift for greek friend

Handmade by Maria Mavroudi, a talented architect that managed to create unique bags from fine cork fabric and leather.

This bags can change shape and the one we suggest in this article can be used as a backpack, a shoppers bag (tote bag) or simply a purse.

Find out more here!


2. Educational games that teach Greek classics in a fun way

Gift for Greek family - Odyssey Chutes and ladders educational Greek board game

Homers Odyssey is one of the cornerstones of western literature.

The classic game Chutes and Ladders (or snakes and ladders if you prefer) is presented in a new form: The Odyssey.

You follow Ulysses (Odysseus) journey back to Ithaca after the Troyan war.

The game is no more a game of chance and can also be played as a game of knowledge.

Just read the fun booklet included in the package describing the Odyssey and you will understand.

Find this game here!


3. A unique handmade contemporary statue, bust or figurine

Modern Greek statues - perfect gift for Greek friends

Greek philosophers, Greek scholars, Greek statues of Gods and heroes, all with the appropriate inspirational quote carved on the base.

Handmade and uniquely colored to match the most modern decoration, they are  pieces of art that inspire and motivate.

3000 years of Art history from a contemporary perspective.

Don't miss this collection here!


4. Greek goat leather accessories, silkscreen printed

Greek mythology gifts goat leather silkscreen printed modern

Exceptional leather goods with themes inspired by the great Greek history and mythology.

Silkscreen printed with the best inks, handmade.

Mythical style for contemporary Greece lovers.

Explore the full collection here!


5. Chic and cool cotton stoles

Perfect Greek gift for her - cotton Greek stoles - silkscreen printed

Silkscreen printed, this stoles have something to say about the eternal beauty of Greek aesthetics.

Geeky and chic, they are the perfect Greek gift for her.

Check them out here!


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