Best Souvenirs To Buy in Katakolon, Greece

Katakolon Souvenirs - A Katakolon Shopping guide

So you’ve just been to Katakolon and you want to find something special to take home with you as a Greek souvenir? Something that is not only pretty but also useful and unique? This is the right place for you!

The best thing about Katakolon is that it is a good place for shopping. There are many shops selling products of great quality at reasonable prices, compared to the top tourist destinations like Santorini or Mykonos.

The majority of the shops are in the main street, but you should definitely search for the hidden gems in the less crowded sideways.

Shopping is one of the main things to do while in Katakolon since there are about 90 different shops - a huge number for such a small village.

Here is a list of suggestions about what to search for, and you will definitely find more while you walk around the three streets of this beautiful Greek fishing village.

1. Mediterranean-themed jewelry

Greek jewelry on a beach

While shopping in Katakolon, you can find unique, handcrafted Greek-themed jewelry at shops on the main street.

The store owners are happy to show you how to wear their bracelets and necklaces in multiple ways. Ask them for tips!

2. Modern Greek Designer Souvenirs from Katakolon

Modern Greek Souvenirs in Katakolon cruise port

Pic: The KUKUVAYA Concept Store in Katakolon

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Greece, is the ancient and historical sites that the country has to offer. In fact, these sites are so amazing that they have become a huge part of Greek tourism.

But there's a side of Greece that very little people know about, which is the modern and contemporary side.

When visiting Katakolon you might want to take a part of it back home with you but not just any souvenir, something modern that represents Greece in all its glory.

Greece is filled with talented designers making beautiful items for everyday use. From clothes to bags and artifacts, every single item is beautifully made and with a story behind: the best in Katakolon shopping.

You will also find gifts inspired by Greek mythology, gifts and souvenirs inspired by Greek art, or gifts inspired by Greek philosophy.

Besides "atypical" souvenirs you can find special designer accessories like this convertible handbag, handmade by a Greek architect and made from cork and leather:

convertible cork handbag

Convertible handbag that changes from backpack to tote or shoulder bag.

Visit KUKUVAYA in Katakolon for the full collection.

3. Olive oil from Katakolon area

Greek olive oil salad making in Greece

The olive tree was sacred to the ancient Greeks. So it’s no surprise that the country remains one of the world’s top producers of olive oil — and one of the finest as well.

The olive trees make up a vital part of the Greek landscape, so it’s no surprise that this country is one of the top producers of the world’s best olive oil.

While you can easily find olive oil in Katakolon, there are several reasons why it makes an excellent souvenir from Katakolon:

The quality is great. Greece’s climate and geology are ideal for growing olives, and Greek olive oil has been recognized as among the best in blind taste tests.

4. Pottery and ceramics, a great Katakolon Souvenir

Greek ceramics souvenirs

If you are looking for a unique gift to take back home, or if you just want a souvenir to remind you of your travels in Greece, pottery and ceramics souvenirs might be exactly what you need.

Greece is famous for its wealth of ceramics and pottery. The Greek ceramic history goes back to the Neolithic era, when the first clay vessels were made by hand. Today, this ancient art is still very much alive in Greece and there are many pottery shops that sell handmade items of all kinds.

5. Greek art and decor

Greek art souvenir in Katakolon

The ancient Greeks set the bar high in terms of art and culture. If you're looking for a new piece of art to add to your collection, or if you want to decorate your bedroom or living room, consider Greek art and decor.

Greek art and decor gifts are available for almost any occasion and for almost any room in your home. For example, if you want something with an artistic flair that's also functional, consider a Greek vase or pottery with a Greek design. You can even get a replica of an ancient Greek urn.

If you're looking for gifts that are decorative rather than functional, there are plenty of options as well. Consider hanging an image of the Parthenon on your wall or adding an ancient Greek coin to your collection. With so many different styles to choose from, it's easy to find something that will fit in with the rest of your home decor and make a unique addition to any room.

The store owners will happily send larger pieces to your home, so you don’t have to carry through your vacation large objects.

6. Sandals, leather products and bags

Leather sandals in Greek store

Leather accessories are one of the most famous Greek souvenirs. Craftsmen use a combination of ancient and modern techniques to create the products, which results in beautiful and timeless pieces.

Because of the authenticity and uniqueness of their products, most Greek leather companies have been around for years. Many even have stories about how their ancestors started their business.

A wide variety of leather souvenirs are available in Katakolon, from sandals to bags and wallets. But the country’s most popular leather product is still the simple, comfortable sandal.

The leather used in Greek sandals is soft, flexible and durable and you will find cow and goat leather goods. Definitely something to search for while shopping in Katakolon.

7. Wine and spirits

Greek wine Katakolon Souvenirs

Wine and spirits have always been part of the Greek tradition. The climate and the soil of Greece make it suitable for the cultivation of the vine and production of quality wines.

The wine is one of the oldest drinks in Greece, which has been known since ancient years. The oldest vineyards date back to the 4th millennium BC and Greek wise men wrote about wine in ancient Greece.

Find special wines and spirits like ouzo, raki or tsipouro.

8. Olive oil soaps and lotions, more than a souvenir from Katakolon

Katakolon souvenir olive oil soap

Olive oil soaps and lotions have been used for centuries as a way to moisturize dry skin and remove dirt from pores, among other olive soap benefits.

In Greece, olive oil is known for its healing properties and as a source of good health. It has been claimed that it's the only soap that does not irritate sensitive skin, making it ideal for everyday use.

Olive oil is also high in antioxidants, which can help to protect your body from free radicals that can cause wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Find special soaps made from local extra virgin olive oil, combined with valuable ingredients like activated charcoal or donkey's milk.

9. Olive wood kitchenware

Olive wood kitchenware

Olive wood kitchenware is one of the most popular souvenirs bought by visitors to Greece, particularly in Katakolon. Among olive wood items you can find breadboards, salad bowls, trays and spoons. This beautiful wood with its unique patterns makes any kitchen look like a piece of art!

These Olive Wood products are made by craftsmen who continue the tradition and experience passed on from generation to generation. They combine traditional and modern techniques while respecting nature.

10. Local honey and dried herbs

Greek honey

You can buy Local honey and dried herbs in Katakolon.

Local honey is something that has to be tried, as the bees collect nectar from all kinds of local plants. The one you get in Katakolon is produced in Olympia, just a few miles inland, and it’s dark and rich with a strong herbal flavour.

Dried herbs are also a huge part of this region's rich tradition. Many of them are used in cooking, while others have medicinal properties. In the past, they were used to heal wounds and treat various diseases. Among them you will find oregano, sage, basil, thyme, marjoram, wild mint and more.


Takeaway: There are many great things to buy in Katakolon.

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